As a post-conference social activity, attendees of the LinuxChix miniconf went up for a day trip to the Blue Mountains. This was not an official conference activity and was not covered by conference admission fees or conference arrangements.


This was a day outing on Sunday January 21. 2007.

Blue Mountains?

The Blue Mountains are immediately to the west of Sydney. They're very... Australian... as mountains go—that is, they're short. But they're a great place to go walking; with lots of easy to medium walking trails of various lengths from a few hours to multiple days. The Blue Mountains villages and towns are also very nice with quite a different vibe to Sydney (a cross between rural and hippie, in a way).

What to bring

Definitely sunscreen. People planning a walk of any reasonable distance should make sure to have snacks, water, first aid-y stuff and, if not Aussies, travel insurance (the walks actually do have mobile phone coverage, mostly, but if seriously injured you might need a rescue from the air).

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