The Kernel miniconference at LCA 20007 is finally being organised and this is the call for participation:

The current schedule gives us 6 slots.

One slot is reserved for 5 minute lightning talks - this gives us 8 lightning talks, where people working on kernel project and give a quick spiel on their current project. All these slots are currently open, remember 5 mins is one-two slides, but it might be enough to give a status update or drum up some interest.

Slot 4 has been reserved for a Suspend to RAM workshop, where people can bring their laptops and we will have hopefully a few kernel hackers on hand to investigate suspend/resume problems. We don't promise anything, and we will have a few slides with pointers on how to debug these issues.

I think Slot 5 should be reserved for a hacking session of some sort but I'm open to ideas on what this could be, we could do a live hack on some code or just get a bunch of kernel developers who are interested to fix something.

The other 3 slots are currently open, and this is the call for presentations, We'd like some presentations targetting kernel hacking, kernel janitors, kernel newbies, and perhaps a using git to maintain a kernel tree type of presentation. We'd rather avoid any papers that mention Xen or that are being presented at the main conference.

I know this is late but I'm sure some of you nice kernel developers that were a bit bored last year will relish the chance to talk to what looks like a large interest group (it surprised me how many ppl are interested in this stream..)

The CFP will close when I get a few ideas of what people are submitting, and how interested people are, don't hang about, please contact me ASAP, as time is running out..

Dave Airlie (one half of the LCA Kernel Miniconf team.)

Can anyone interested in doing a full slot presentation or a lightning talk send me a short proposal at (airlied at, and I'll discuss them with Matthew Wilcox the other half of the team...

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