The kernel miniconf CFP is at

The kernel miniconf is on Tuesday Jan 16th.


LCA Keynote


Morning Tea




Slot 1 - Kernel Developement Talk


Slot 2 - Deep Hacking Talk




Slot 3 - Show and Tell


Slot 4 - Lightning updates


Afternoon Tea


Slot 5 - Kernel Maintainers Panel Discussion


Slot 6 - Suspend/Resume to RAM repair workshop



Contact airlied or willy - you know who we are if you are a kernel hacker :-)

Slot 1 - Kernel Development Talk + Discussion

Peter Chubb from UNSW will talk for approx ~20mins about some tools for kernel development

  • -- cogito (*very* briefly) -- xemacs compile mode + TAGS -- cscope -- distcc and ccache -- remote booting

There will be a 20 minute discussion forum for people to introduce other tools (and maybe a vim user can keep the balance in the force).

Slot 2 - Deep Hacking Talk

This will be a deep kernel tech talk!

Scalable RMAP - Lee Schermerhorn

Slot 3 - Show and Tell

PS3 Linux - Ben Herrenschmidt - IBM Ozlabs

Nokie N800 - Daniel Stone - Nokia

Slot 4 - Lightning Updates

I will be taking suggestions for this on-site, please contact me before the slot starts if you want to give a 5 minute update or field and idea you have. So far I have :

Per-page shrinking of slab caches - Jorn Engel

Superpages - Ian Wienand

PCI Slots - Matthew Wilcox

Slot 5 - Panel Discussion

Ask a kernel maintainer - Questions from audience and other places for kernel maintainers

Dave Jones - Fedora Kernel Maintainer - Redhat

Andi Kleen - x86-64 (and some x86) Maintainer - SuSE

Ben Herrenschmidt and/or Paul Mackerras - PPC maintainers - IBM Ozlabs

Christoph Hellwig - Style and Personality Maintainer and some filesystems :-)

Dave Miller - Sparc + Networking

One or two others if I can track them down....

Slot 6 - Suspend to RAM workshop

Matthew Garrett from Ubuntu and Dave Airlie from will try and field some of the major problems still facing ppl with Suspend to RAM, and try to maybe fix some laptops live!!.

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