OSGAGD Miniconf


Main Miniconf - Tuesday, January 16th

Open Day - Thursday, Janurary 18th

The Miniconf will have a stand somewhere in the venue demonstrating cool FOSS games. Come and see Open Source programmers make fools of themselves on games like pyDance!

Talk Descriptions

11:00 - Introduction

by Tim Ansell

A quick introduction to all the things that are happening on the day and other cool info. Maybe even a special surprise or two.

11:10 - Python and the BigWorld

by Paul Murphy of BigWorld

The open source language Python, has proven to be a mature and versatile language. It is used in many commercial game titles. This talk discusses why and how Python is used throughout BigWorld's MMOG middleware.

Python is integrated with BigWorld's server and client engines to allow easy extension in a language that is flexible and well supported. Many of the BigWorld tools also use Python for its ease and speed of development.

11:45 - FOSS License for Content Developers

by Brendan Scott

Content developers face unique problems that regular coders do not have to worry about and have a wide variety of FOSS and not-so-FOSS licenses to choose from. In this session we will review a number of gaming-specific licensing issues - what are obligations to distribute art, music and other content files? What is the "corresponding source code"? How can licensed content be combined?

12:15 - License Panel Q&A

with Brendan Scott, Rusty Russell and Kimberlee Weatherall

This panel will be the place to ask all your questions about Licensing Games and Game content.

14:00 - Love and Algorithmically Generated Content

by Chris McCormick

Commercial game budgets are getting huger and huger all the time. In the Free software world it's hard to make games with as many 3d assets, sprites, characters, textures, and huge levels using only a group of enthusiastic programmers. The aim of this talk is to offer an alternative to the idea of game artists and level designers hand creating every single asset in the game. We will cover a brief history of procedurally generated game content, and then introduce a host of algorithmic techniques for generating game content.

14:45 - Wesnoth for Kernel Hackers (and everyone else)

by Rusty Russell

I've (Rusty Russell) been a Wesnoth developer for about 12 months, since the 1.0 timeframe. This talk will deal with several things:

  1. How and why I got involved,
  2. The Wesnoth code itself,
  3. The Wesnoth project people & politics

  4. Some example contributions I made
  5. The improvements between 1.0 and 1.2

16:00 - Why it didnt fly, a Game Development Bird-of-Feather Post Mortem

by Lee Begg

At LCA 06, Lee Begg ran the Game Development Bird-of-a-Feather (BoF) meeting where the state of Linux/Free/OSS Games, frameworks, projects and the lack of reuse in game development was discussed. Some actions were suggested. Very little progress has been made, and Lee blames himself squarely for that. He will explain what went wrong, why, and how he might try to do things differently, and how these lessons learnt also apply to other open source projects, especially Game projects.

16:25 - Ryzom.org: the dream of an open source MMORPG

by Jeremy Brun

The Ryzom.org dream: Open Sourcing Ryzom after acquiring the source code, game data, and artwork from Nevrax which was in bankruptcy.

The Ryzom.org plan: A three party association: one person: Valentin LACAMBRE, one company: MEKENSLEEP FRANCE and a not for profit association: "Association for the virtual citizenship".

The offer failed, what is next?

16:50 - Lightning Talks

by whoever turns up

Each person gets 5 minutes to give a quick talk about a project they are part of. No time for questions or slides, just the speaker at the podium.

No need to prepare or send the organisers anything, just put your name up on the lightning talk list at the conference. (Located at the entrance to the Miniconf room.)

Speaker Descriptions

Tim Ansell

Tim Ansell is the lead developer of the Thousand Parsec project which he started in 1999. Previously he has organised the Embedded Miniconf but this year is trying something different.

Lee Begg

Lee Begg has been Open Source Game Programming since 1998 when he joined the Worldforge project. He is now co-lead developer of Thousand Parsec with Tim Ansell, and is still working on his leadership abilities. He suggested and ran the LCA 06 Game Development BoF in Dunedin.

Jeremy Brun

Jeremy Brun is a Software engineer for SVCorp (www.spatialvoice.com) a company developing spatialised voice for network games and virtual environments. As a PhD Student he is working of peer to peer and game server distribution at the university of Wollongong. He also has a Master from the university of Wollongong in 2001, and Electrical/Telecommuncation engineering degree from Supelec (France).

Chris McCormick

Chris McCormick is a director and programmer in the video games company he helped start, Hypercube Pty Ltd. He has worked commercially in the games industry, and given lectures on games programming at Murdoch and Edith Cowan universities in Western Australia.

Paul Murphy

Paul Murphy is the Lead Server Programmer for BigWorld. Paul has work for BigWorld for over 7 years designing and implementing their MMOG server technology.


BigWorld provides a mature middleware platform for developers of Massively Multiplayer Online Games that is fast becoming the industry standard. BigWorld's server runs on a cluster of commodity Linux boxes and supports over 100,000 simultaneous players. It is used by many developers around the world to develop their MMO games.

More information can be found at http://www.bigworldtech.com

Brendan Scott

Brendan runs Open Source Law (www.opensourcelaw.biz) a legal practice based in Sydney with a focus on open source and open standards. He is a director and founding member of Open Source Industry Australia Limited. Brendan is a widely published commentator on open source legal issues.

Rusty Russell

Rusty Russell is an experience Linux kernel coder who last year morphed into a Wesnoth developer to justify the inordinate amount of time he spent playing the game.

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