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We still want you as of 20th December! The minconf call for participation is still open.


The program for the miniconf.


15th January 2007 - 1 Days to Go!

The Gaming Miniconf is on Tommorrow! Yay!

5th January 2007 - 12 Days to Go!

The Gaming Miniconf is happy to announce that the Mystery Speaker is Paul Murphy from BigWorld! Paul Murphy is the Lead Server Programmer for BigWorld and will be talking about why and how they use that Open Source Programming Language Python.

Python has been increasingly being used in Triple A games such as Eve Online, Freedom Force and Civilisation IV. Come find out why this Game development company chose the Open Source language over it's closed source competitors.

Paul will also be giving an overview of how they use commodity Linux boxes to support games with over 100,000 simultaneous players!

5th January 2007 - 12 Days to Go!

I'm happy to point out that the program has been updated, It now includes all the missing descriptions.

20th December 2006 - 26 Days to Go!

I'm happy to announce that the Program is now out! There are loads of cool talks and one Mystery talk which will be announced later. Tickets are quickly selling out so you need to get in fast!

You can find always find the latest program at http://lca2007.linux.org.au/Miniconfs/Gaming/ProgramNew

4th December 2006 - 42 Days to Go!

Do you know your legal foo? Are you a cool license Guru? Or have you had legal experience with OSS licenses? Well if the answer to any of these questions is yes, then the Gaming Miniconf needs you! Have a look at the updated CFP page.

Tim Ansell aka Mithro

1st November 2006

The call for participation opened today. I already have a bunch of great talks so get your submission in as soon as possible!

Tim Ansell aka Mithro


Many people, even strong supporters of Open Source software, believe gaming is one area where OSS can not compete. The big budgets of gaming companies and requirement to be continually on the cutting edge are some reasons people believe this myth. However increasingly commercial game companies are levering OSS technologies and community to not only be more competitive but to create more innovative games. Australian game developers seem to be forefront of this open source adoption.

The increasingly proprietary nature of gaming console are another reason OSS developers are being locked out. However, groups such as the Linux Xbox people have shown again and again, that no technology can prevent innovation.

Totally Open Source games are also increasingly become more advanced. Some of these games look as professionally produced as many commercial games. Other games are increasingly filling the innovation gap left by commercial developers who are no longer .

Gaming is also one reason which is preventing a large number of people from totally removing their Windows partition/computer. Providing solutions to finally allow people to move to a totally OSS platform would be a significant win for community.

This Miniconf aims to promote that OSS gaming is a viable solution and there is a large active community. It also hopes to bring game developers together with open source developers to further increase the cooperation and visibility of this community. This event should also allow these game developers to get together with other parts of the community such as media developers.

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