1. Tim Ansell: MITHIS

    • An 8 line internal phone to USB interface. Hopefully runnng with asterisk.

  2. Andrew Kinmont: Sage Consultants

    • The "Mole": An award winning camera system for inspecting bore holes.

  3. Ian Walters and Rhys Weatherley: Trolltech

    • The Qtopia Greenphone.

  4. Dave Airlie: Stargames

    • Electronic Gaming/Gambling Machines.

  5. Mark Phillips Automated Test Systems

    • Vehicle Tracking Systems

  6. Michael Kedzierski Neuros OSD

    • Linux Based Media Device.

  7. Mitch Davis Open Networks

    • Releasing source code for an ADSL modem.
  8. David Seikel Terrasoft Solutions

    • PS3's with Yellow Dog Linux pre installed.

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