There are currenlty four accepted papers


Qtopia Greenphone TM is a Linux mobile development device open for unlimited software innovation. Offered as part of the Greenphone SDK, it makes Linux-based applications easier to build and faster to bring to market. This powerful GSM/GPRS device provides the perfect platform for creation, testing and demonstration of new mobile technology services and ships loaded with Qtopia Phone Edition

Ian Walters and Rhys Weatherley


"A solar powered blue-tooth enabled, embedded video capture device, coupled with an autonomous insect like a camera bee robot"

Jamie Honan


Adventures in Linux on Programmable Logic Devices. A Summary

Dr John Williams:

Research Fellow in Reconfigurable Computing, The University of Queensland

Founder, PetaLogix


Mike Cornelius Call Direct Cellular Solutions and Mark Phillips Me

The trials and tribulatins of building embedded devices. How to start building embedded devices, What not to do, and trying to complete the damn thing.

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