So, what will attendees get to see on the first two days of 2007? The most awesome array of miniconfs ever, that’s what! Miniconf webpages will be linked here along with organiser details as they are available, so stay tuned!

  • Debian: Ever present and always popular, the Debian miniconf focuses on the world’s largest community developed operating system.

  • Education: For educators and technologists interested in the use of Open Source in education.

  • Embedded: A showcase of amazing devices with Linux at their heart, and a fine opportunity to share and learn about this fast-growing topic.

  • Gaming: Bringing gamers and game developers together to promote Open Source games, and Open Source in game development.

  • A meeting of the minds for developers and users of GNOME, a desktop environment and developer platform.

  • MySQL: Presenting practical applications of MySQL and related software, through tutorials and developer discussion.

  • Case studies, workshops, demonstrations and tutorials about the FLOSS world’s answer to Microsoft Office.

  • PostgreSQL: Introductory and advanced topics for database administrators working with PostgreSQL and developers keen to learn about the code.

  • Research: Presentation of papers, case studies and workshops relating to Open Source in Australian research.

  • Linuxchix: Celebrating achievements in the Free Software world by women, and presenting some of their experiences.

  • Kernel: Lots of kernel developers getting together to teach and perform their black arts. Presentations will range from introductory to scary.

  • Virtualisation: A huge topic in the Open Source world over the last year or two, this will cover virtualisation projects, problems and solutions.

Please see the main conference programme for a complete overview of conference activities!

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