Astronomy trip

There are some plans for an astronomy trip, on Sunday night before the conference.

If it's cloudy, we'll reschedule for a later night.


Current plan: Since nobody else has suggested anything, I'm going to suggest the plateau above Bundeena. It's on top of the escarpment so should have a reasonable west outlook. Stanwell Tops is on the same road, a bit close to Wollongong (light pollution) but hopefully not too close. Any one with local knowledge please advise. There would certainly be suitable places on the Picton Rd, but searching in the dark is not good. So anyone who knows PLEASE EDIT THIS, otherwise that's where we will go.

  • Search for The Meadows Trail, Sydney, NSW, Australia on google maps

  • Maybe pan right & down along Bundeena Drive to Marley Track or something like that - still don't know the terrain all that well.

Alternatives: Blue Mountains (too far). Other suggestions?

You can check the weather here: Central Tablelands for Blue Mountains (Linden) Sydney Metro for Royal National Park Sunday night looks OK so far.

Meeting place

Sunset is officially 20:06. No moon until midnight. Allow one hour for the trip. I'm guessing that means we should meet 18:30, leave about 19:00. SOMEBODY EDIT THIS PLEASE! (sounds good, Grant)

Let's meet at UNSW near the dorms. The map shows a loading zone located between New College and Warrane: let's meet there at 18:30 Sunday night (that's tonight!).

David is at Surry Hills and can pick up anyone reasonably close. Phone 0418 310312


Please note how to get in contact with you, so that people can claim seats...

David: has 3 spare seats in a crew cab utility (plenty of room in the back for luggage) Email: david at or phone 0418310312 I can bring an 8 inch reflector if it helps. Will need someone who knows how to use it.

I GrantParnell has access to a 5 seater van with room for gear. I am helping other friends with the last of a move from Lawson to Windsor (mountains to far north west suburb) so will be unable to consult the wiki or email all day call 0408 686 201 and I'll build a list. Confirmed I will have 4 seats for passengers in the Van tonight. Friends will be taking their own car.


Put your name here (space, asterisk, space, your name):

  • David.
  • GrantParnell (3 friends, in another car)

  • Eugene (at Shalom, no bino).
  • James Polley +1 friend
  • Akkana.
  • Joseph +1 friend


Bring binoculars or other optical aids if you have them.

Cameras: 10-30 seconds can give you a decent comet shot (on a tripod); less if the skies are still twilit. Most point-and-shoot digitals can't do more than 2-4 seconds, but if you take a lot (like 20+) of short exposure shots, sometimes you can stack them in GIMP and get something.

Red filters on flashlights and over laptop/PDA screens can help preserve night vision; red cellophane or a red balloon are easy solutions for a flashlight.


Public Transport to Sutherland (If you have to!)

Info from

  • Walk to bus stop Kensington, Anzac Pde Opp UNSW - 16 metres
  • Take the 393 bus (Sydney Buses)
  • Dep: 6:11pm Kensington, Anzac Pde Opp UNSW
  • Arr: 6:26pm Chalmers St Nr Eddy Ave
  • Walk to Central Station - 168 metres
  • Take the South Coast Line train (CityRail)

  • Dep: 6:41pm Central Station Platform 25
  • Arr: 7:11pm Sutherland Station Platform 2

There's another bus at 6:15, arrive Sutherland 7:28pm. Also if you're told there's no room and you're still very keen maybe continue on to Waterfall station and setup at the station concourse or nearby. It's fairly quiet. Don't know off hand if there's anything particularly in the way of the horizon.

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