GPG Keysigning

Anyone interested in a GPG keysigning? We've been given a timeslot on Thursday afternoon and I've added an event at:

If you have any questions please drop me an email or give me a call on +61 3 9723 9399 (business hours) or +61 4 3851 6600. Note that even if you didn't get your key into the official keylist it's still worth coming along with your ID, a pen and hard copies of your fingerprint because we'll do an ad-hoc signing right after the main signing.

Ad-Hoc Signing

If you weren't able to submit your keys before the due time, some of us are having an AdhocKeysigning afterwards; post your information there if you want to be involved. It'd be nice to have some people involved with the normal keysigning, too!


Matthew Wilcox is running an analysis for this keysigning again. Check out your ranking!

Other Signing

Some people are interested in CAcert as well.

Useful Scripts

There is a script called "caff" which can help speedup the signing process.

The tools home page seems to be at

Here is a good writeup about how to use it effectively (addressed to the participants of LCA 2006):

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