Conference Party

The conference party on Tuesday night, sponsored by Google, will be awesome! Come along for beer, friends, entertainment... at the ultimate hallway session for attendees. It's being held at the RoundHouse (top left hand corner of map).

Photo ID required

According to the attendees mailing list, entrance to the party will require showing photo ID that demonstrates that you are 18 years or older (18 year olds and over may purchase and consume alcohol in Australia). Australian drivers licences, Australian government issued photo ID, Australian passports and other passports are likely OK, international drivers licences uncertain.

Best of CSE Revue

Every year, those crazy kids at the School of Computer Science and Engineering put together one of UNSW's best revues. At the conference party, you'll get to see some of their best work on the big screen.

Deprogram live!

Deprogram ... "Bringing together elements of breakbeat, dub and pop, Deprogram fuses hard-edged rhythms with voice, synth and dark, gritty bass to create 'inventive electro with commercial sensibilities." - John Littler,

Deprogram's stage line-up is Mary Budimir on keyboards and vocals; Nick Mainsbridge (notorious producer/engineer of everyone from The Triffids to New Order); and drummer, Robbie Mudrazija (Entropic).

Deprogram started as a solo electronic project in 1997. Armed with a keyboard and sampler, Deprogram trekked around illegal warehouse parties, bush doofs and underground clubs throughout Sydney. Deprogram has since toured Europe 3 times, headlining at digital culture festivals such as Bleepfest (UK) and Bzoom (Czech Republic). Locally, the act has appeared at the Great Escape Festival, Electrofringe, REGEN, and computer music events such as the Linux Audio Conference in Canberra.

Magnatunes Creative Commons Mix-up

PaulWay was planning to do a mix of Creative Commons attribution-noncommercial-sharealike licensed music from Magnatune's collection. Unfortunately most of the software I use (MixMeister) doesn't want to work for me this week. I'll be trying to get it working during the conference and will produce a rocking mix that you can distribute under the same license ASAP. But for now it looks like I won't be performing during the conference party.

29th Jan Update: I've completed the mixes now! You can download them as torrents; they are the Flashing Google Badge Mix and the Wired Kernel Hacker Mix. They're both in 160kbit OGG format and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Sharealike 1.0 license. Enjoy! Email me at for more info!

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