This is a list of car hire companies mentioned at the Attendees mailing list.

Note that when hiring a car in Australia all drivers usually must be 25 years or older. Some companies allow drivers of 21–24 years of age for an extra fee. Very few allow drivers under 21 years or any drivers holding Australian provisional (novice) licences.

Car rentals will come with insurance, but the insurance will usually be subject to excess penalties of approximately $3000 in any accident. You can upgrade the insurance (reducing the excess to about $200) for approximately $20 extra per day.

If you're not returning your car to the same venue you picked it up from, expect to pay substantial one way hire fees on top of the base price.

Bayswater Car Rental

"Bayswater seemed pretty decent, they're cheap, and you see lots of their cars around. Their location is easy to get to as well - 3 minute walk from Kings Cross station." — Aeriana


Locations all over Sydney. Car rentals have unlimited kilometres.


Locations all over Sydney.

"Thrifty usually includes a 100km/day limit on kilometres, extra kilometres charged at 25c/kilometre (you have to go all the way through to the Quote page just before they want your name to find this out). Avis doesn't, no idea about No Birds/Bayswater Car Rental." — Mary

Red Spot


Locations all over Sydney.

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