Yoshinkan Aikido in Sydney

As came up on the attendee's list, some people expressed an interest in going to Aikido. Seeing as how Thursday evening is shamefully free of free beer, I thought it might be high time to go to the dojo and get some exercise. If you'd like to come along, let me know.

Thursday evening class

We will meet at 17:30 sharp in front of the registration desk. The first evening class starts at 18:15 so we'd do well to be on our way.

If you don't have your martial arts Gi (uniform) with you this week [why would you?], comfortable gym clothes (lightweight long sleeve and long pants recommended) are of course fine.

Annual demonstration

Also, the dojo is hosting its annual demonstration on Saturday at 13:00. If you have an interest in the martial arts you would certainly enjoy watching. www.aikido-sydney.com

Map to dojo: maps.google.com

Next week

Regular classes are Monday to Friday 18:15 to 19:15 and 19:30 to 20:30. Beginners are always welcome.


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