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Travelling to Dunedin, New zealand

Flying to Dunedin

If you are traveling from Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne, you may be able to get a direct flight on New Zealand's discount airline Freedom Air, The regular price is a little over AU$500 return, including all taxes and charges. Special deals are offered from time to time, so you may get a discount on these prices (last time I checked the basic price was $165 each way from Melbourne).

If you are coming from other places, you will need to get a connecting flight, probably through Christchurch or Auckland.

Tux does New Zealand

An alternative to a direct or connecting flight to Dunedin is to fly in to Auckland and take some time to see the country on the way to Dunedin. We suggest taking a week or more to see the country. (There will be a wiki available to people who have registered to coordinate their travel plans).

Entry into New Zealand

If you are a citizen of Australia, you will just need a passport. If you come from another country, you may need a visa as well as a passport. From the USA and most of Europe, you don't need a visa if you come here for less than three months. You will find more detailed information by following the links below or check with a local travel agent to confirm the entry requirements.