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Call for Papers

The organisers of 2006 would like to thank everyone that submitted a paper for presentation at the conference. Submissions are closed but this page is left here for reference.

Most presentations will be of a technical nature, but those covering legal, educational, organisational, community or similar aspects of open source software will also be welcome. Promotional presentations, commercial advertisements, sales pitches and their like are not appropriate for this conference.

Papers on the following topics are encouraged:

We are open to a broader range of topics as well, even non-Linux based projects. So, submit it to us anyway! Please note however, that all presentations must be based on 'open source' software and projects.

We have two (very different) main presentation formats: 120+ minute interactive tutorials and 50 minute seminars. You may also wish to participate in a miniconf, lightning talk, BOF session, or present a poster.


Tutorials are interactive learning sessions for the audience. Tutorials should not be long monologues. Preferably the audience will work through examples on laptops or in computer labs.

Written materials for a tutorial should comprise a tutorial sheet, workbook, or reference for the software. The LCA organisers will print and distribute this material before the tutorial.


Seminars run for 50 minutes, including time for questions. Seminars should be accompanied by a paper describing the topic, of approximately 3-10 pages.

Key Dates

(Subject to change; check back.)


Papers may be published by the conference on our web site, printed proceedings or on CD-ROM. Authors retain copyright in their paper but must grant a non-exclusive licence to LCA to publish and redistribute the paper, recording or video. LCA may make audio or video recordings of presentations and redistribute them.

We prefer papers that have not been previously published or presented.

Papers covered by nondisclosure agreements cannot be considered.

We may withdraw invitations if deadlines are not met.

Papers are accepted at the absolute discretion of the LCA organisers.

Submitting an abstract indicates understanding of and consent to these conditions.

One person may submit any reasonable number of proposals.

Paper judging is independent of LCA sponsorship.

Technical Facilities

Presentations will be in lecture theatres with 1024×768 XGA data projectors. Audio and Video input to these projectors may be from speakers' personal laptops, or Mac/PC systems provided. Please contact us if you have further requirements.

Written Papers

Written papers, tutorial handouts and posters should be submitted before the conference. All should be in an appropriate open format, such as 7-bit ASCII text, HTML, DocBook or LaTeX.


Speakers will receive complimentary professional registration for the entire conference. Their partners are welcome to attend the Partners' Programme at no charge.

Some travel assistance may be available for worthy speakers not otherwise able to attend. If you require travel assistance you must indicate so on your submission. In general we do not provide full funding for international travel.

Academic Papers

Following on from LCA 2005, we are again considering an elective peer-review process for papers. This is intended primarily for presenters working or studying at universities, who can gain funding credit by writing peer-reviewed papers that meet certain government criteria. In Australia these are the DEST Higher-Education criteria.

Presenters who wish to pass these criteria should submit the full text of their paper as soon as possible in the CFP, indicating their intention. The entire paper will be critically reviewed before being accepted or declined. Papers submitted for this process must not have been published before. These papers will be published on the LCA web site after the conference.

This will be more work for the presenter, because the entire paper must be prepared to a high standard by an earlier date. For this reason we will only apply this process to presenters who specifically request it.

If you think you would be interested in having your paper reviewed in this way or you have comments on the process please contact us as soon as possible.

Papers Committee


Proposals are assessed on the following criteria:


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We are happy to answer questions on requirements or process - email Please note that submissions should NOT be sent to this address.

You can also look at this year's or last year's programme for guidance.