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open source graphic design


Need to ship a product, create a poster or just theme your desktop? This tutorial will work through the processes, techniques and options available with open source software. Topics include: - The open source graphic designers workflow - Icons and other desktop artwork - creating print-ready materials with Scribus - designing for i18n - Building fonts with fontforge Attendees should have installed the latest stable ( or development ) versions of Inkscape Scribus and the GIMP prior to the Tutorial. Case Scenarios include: - Creating a hybrid SVG / PNG icon theme for the Ubuntu desktop using Inkscape and the GIMP - Designing translation ready Red Hat Installation guide posters with Scribus

Andrew Fitzsimon

Andy is a graphic designer with a passion for open source software. Inkscape in particular. He is the developer of the ubuntu icon theme, 'Human'. He also develops artwork materials for translation at Red Hat APAC and trains staff in the wonders of using Scribus, GIMP and Inkscape.