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Spark Gaps to Spread Spectrum, Crystal Sets to Software Defined Radio


This session will present Ham Radio/Amateur Radio in a context that is relevant and interesting to our fellow hackers/geeks. An introduction to the hobby, its origin, major milestones and an overview of current areas of endeavour will be given.

A practical tour of contemporary areas such as Software Defined Radio (GNURadio), APRS and Amateur Satellites will be provided as well as more traditional operating modes like Morse Code and portable low power (QRP) HF communications.

In addition to the practical demonstrations, relevant Linux/Open Source software will feature prominently in the session as will some photos from the author's respective activities.

Hugh Blemings

Hugh has been a licensed Amateur (Ham) Radio operator since 1991 holding the Australian Limited callsign VK1YYZ. He has been a casual user of Linux since the mid '90s and it has been his operating system of choice since 1997 and profession since 1999. He has worked on various pieces of open source software and is one of the original authors of gnokii (http;// He also wrote Linux kernel drivers for the Keyspan range of USB-Serial adapters. Hugh is currently the manager of the Canberra based OzLabs team at IBM's Linux Technology Centre.

Bdale Garbee

Bdale serves as HP Open Source & Linux CTO. His background includes many years on both UNIX internals and embedded systems. He helped jump-start ports of Debian GNU/Linux to 5 architectures other than i386, and has served as Debian Project Leader. Bdale is also well-known as KB0G in the amateur radio hobby, where he tinkers on everything from software defined radio to building amateur satellites.