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A History of Open Sores


A loose combination of corporate issues that have affected both music and software down through time. From the very first use of Unix in 1453 to the issues of patents killing off ideas instead of promoting them, from companies who really want to do the right thing, but can not, odd things about business in the large corporate world will (hopefully) be explained.

The talk will, of course, partly be tongue-in-cheek, partly be around my collection of automated musical instruments, and partly have a real message.

Jon "maddog" Hall

Jon "maddog" Hall is the Executive Director of Linux International ( a non-profit association of computer vendors who wish to support and promote the Linux Operating System.

During his career which spans over thirty years, Mr. Hall has been a programmer, systems designer, systems administrator, product manager, technical marketing manager, college educator and author. He has worked for such companies as Western Electric Corporation, Aetna Life and Casualty, Bell Laboratories, Digital Equipment Corporation, VA Linux Systems, and SGI.

Mr. Hall serves on the boards of several companies, and several non-profit organizations, including the USENIX Association.