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Ethernet switching and passive IP conflict detection in the linux kernel through ARP watching


This presentation will give you a quick presentation of layer 2 (you know the thing under TCP/IP :-D), explain how ethernet switches actually work, as well as their limitations and why you should care. From there, after looking at how ARP works, we'll look at how we can use it to detect IP conflicts (intentional or not), and look at how we can do passive dduplicate IP detection with my sample implementation for linux as a kernel patchh: We'll also look at tools like arping and fake, or how to take over another IP and improve MAC to IP convergence delays


I've been using linux for more than 10 years, both as a sysadmin and a sunday coder :-) I have worked for Network Appliance, SGI, VA Linux,, and now work as a server sysadmin at Google. I've enjoyed hacking on mail in the last years, be it exim, mailman, or more recently SpamAssassin and SA-Exim. For fun, when I'm not hacking away, I go snowboarding, mountain biking, racing my turbo Mazda MX-5 and BMW M5, as well as flying.