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Deploying KDE Using The Kiosk Management System


This hands-on tutorial examines how to deploy and manage a KDE based desktop environment in a corporate, school, government or other institutional settings by utilizing the Kiosk system that is built into the KDE desktop. Several years in the making, Kiosk is a complete and powerful system for managing the configurations, defaults and privileges on desktop systems. It allows the system administrator to create any number of profiles and assign users and groups to these profiles. Information on Kiosk and related technologies can be found here: Attendees are first given an overview of the KDE configuration system. We then examine various deployment strategies, such as thin or thick client configurations, and how that impacts deployment. Next they are shown how to manage the Kiosk system "by hand" using a text editor, after which we walk through the graphical Kiosktool and KConfigEditor applications and set up desktop profiles using them. By the end of the session, one should be able to set up and deploy a multi-profile locked down desktop environment on their own. This tutorial is suited for system administrators or those looking to determine the manageability of open source desktops today. I have presented on this topic four times in North America (at LinuxFest Northwest, Trans-Pacific Open Source Software Conference and twice at smaller LUG-sponsored events) and will be presenting it again in Spain in Sept 2005 at the aKademy user conference.

Aaron Seigo

Aaron is a KDE core developer who works on a variety of desktop technologies ranging from the desktop shell itself to usability concerns. He is also active within the community of users and developers, heading up such projects as the Open Source Desktop Workshops and the Plasma project.