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Linux TCP Developments & Kernel Developer Social Interactions


Arguably the most important protocol in the Linux networking stack, TCP has been undergoing several important developments over the past year or so. Most notably in the area of TCP Segmentation Offload and the abstraction of congestion control support. Some important generic developments in the Linux networking will be discussed as well. Whilst technical discussions are interesting, the second half of this presentation will take on another angle: how kernel developers socially interact on a day to day basis. Having been a kernel platform maintainer (sparc, sparc64) and the Linux networking maintainer for 10+ years, the author declares himself at least in some way qualified to talk about this topic. What characterstics of a patch submission lead to one's changes getting installed quickly vs. slowly? That is one of the main questions we will discuss here, and surprisingly most of the reasons are not technical in nature. There will also be a surprise micro-presentation embedded into this talk. Those in attendance will get to find out what this is all about.

David S. Miller

David has been working on the Linux kernel for about 10 years. He developed the initial port to the Sparc platform, and currently still maintains the sparc64 port. He has also been the kernel networking maintainer for about 8 years. He also is co-maintainer of the Sparc backend of GCC, and sits on the GCC steering committee.