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ENUM, Security and Privacy - The New Zealand Trial


ENUM is a new (ish) standard that combines with other services to allow landline and mobile calls, as well as email and instant messages, to be controlled via a single number. ENUM works by assigning internet addresses as a single point of contact for each person. It allows landline and mobile calls as well as email and instant messages through one number. Along with InternetNZ, Catalyst have developed a world first by adding the personalization service (called a personal user agent or a PUA) to give the user control of what happens when calls are received. The PUA filters requests for ENUM contact information and routes incoming calls based on the caller's identity, similar to how a firewall routes network traffic. For example, someone could route calls from family members to their mobile when they aren't home, but not calls from telemarketers. InternetNZ has released the source code for its prototype "personal user agent" to be used with phone and internet numbering system ENUM planned for trial this year. The PUA code was based on a proposal by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. ENUM is being or has been trialled in about 30 countries. Austria and Poland have already launched Enum services, and Britain is expected to follow next year. This paper will present the case of privacy and security to be addressed as part of any nationwide ENUM role out, the importance of open standards and the open source, proof of concept, application we have developed to trial these concepts.

Donald Christie

Donald Christie is a founder and director of Catalyst IT Limited, a New Zealand based open source development company. Donald has a been involved in IT for 20 years developer, architect and company owner. He and Catalyst are strong advocates for FOSS within the NZ business and government areans.

Andrew Ruthven

Andrew Ruthven is a software developer with Catalyst IT Limited. Andrew has been working with FOSS for the past 10 years. He has strong interests in VoIP, Perl and Linux in general.