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Programming Asterisk


This is a repeat of a talk given at the May 2005 LUV Programmers SIG meeting (Melb, AU) with an extension in the section on the asterisk C API.

The talk covers all of the methods of programming asterisk, including the Dialplan (and other config files), the CLI, AGI, .call files, the manager API, modules and hacking on the tree itself. All sections have detailed examples and demos (including quality hardware phones that can be patched into a PA system)

Julien Goodwin

Free software developer and local community member. Recent talks at local user groups include: * Network installation from linux servers (To be presented at LUV August 2005) * Programming Asterisk (LUV-ProgSig May 2005) * Torture Testing web sites (Melb-PHP March 2005) I have been a mejor developer and (as of March) project lead of a module for the Asterisk PBX that supports the Cisco VoIP phones.