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Using the Yum modules to ease systems and distro maintenance


This tutorial will give a use case and hands on example of writing a program using the python modules available in the yum package manager. The goal of the tutorial is to have the audience be able to use the modules in yum to write their own program and to contribute to the current projects using yum. ( - Yum is currently used in almost every aspect of creating, deploying and distributing Fedora Core) It will take the audience through the module API and plugin API showing them how to develop their own tools. It will also cover the existing yum-utils that are being used to help distribution maintainers and users keep their distributions sane and their systems consistent. It will cover multiple deployments using the yum modules to show what types of things it can be used for: - simple command line tools - gui front ends - anaconda installer backend - mock chroot creation and package build system Paul Nasrat and I talked about using yum in future development in Fedora at FUDCON1 (Fedora User and Developer CONference) in Boston earlier this year. The talk went well despite a few minor laptop difficulties but a number of folks there mentioned that they would like to hear more about the module API yum has and how to use it. Course notes can be found on the Delegates wiki at .

Seth Vidal

Systems administrator at duke university, formerly in the physics department now at the office of information technology. Lead developer on Yum. Maintainer of CentOS. Packager for Fedora Extras and member of the Fedora Extras Steering Committee. Currently living in North Carolina, US and recently developed an interest in writing pens.