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bazaar-ng: friendly distributed version control


Distributed version control systems have flourished in recent years. These tools promise more effective and open free software development, allowing One tool is bazaar-ng <>, which has a particular focus on ease-of-use and extensibility. bazaar-ng has been self-hosting since early 2005 and is used by a number of other projects. This talk will introduce bazaar-ng from the user and the hacker's perspective; give an overview of the field of competing systems and different approachs; and show some interesting tools built on top of bzr. The author is the lead developer of bazaar-ng, and an employee of Canonical, the corporate parent of Ubuntu. His previous talks on distcc and rsync were among the most popular at previous LCAs.

Martin Pool

Martin Pool is a free software hacker from Canberra, and the author of distcc and bazaar-ng. He works for Canonical, the corporate sponsor of Ubuntu.