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Introduction to VoIP and Asterisk


This tutorial is in two parts:

First is a general VoIP introduction, covering the terms, technologies and hardware. It will cover VoIP PBX's, softswitches, interacting with the PSTN, VoIP phones (hardware & software), and how VoIP may save you money, and improve communication.

Second is a basic introduction to the Asterisk software PBX which will be presented as a tutorial on setting up a home or small business PBX, this will not simply be using a pre-configured Asterisk, but will be building from source and configuring from scratch.

Julien Goodwin

Free software developer and local community member. Recent talks at local user groups include: * Network installation from linux servers (To be presented at LUV August 2005) * Programming Asterisk (LUV-ProgSig May 2005) * Torture Testing web sites (Melb-PHP March 2005) I have been a mejor developer and (as of March) project lead of a module for the Asterisk PBX that supports the Cisco VoIP phones.