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Hands-on Tutorial for NSA Security Enhanced Linux


This tutorial requires a set of workstations for delegates to use. If hardware is not available then the tutorial can not be run. Hopefully a sponsor could be found to lend a set of workstations for as long as is needed. The hands-on tutorial is aimed at people who have basic Unix administration skills and who want to learn about SE Linux. It will take them through a set of exercises in performing SE Linux administration tasks up to and including basic policy editing. Completing the tutorial takes between two and four hours depending on skill and the level of detail that is taken (some delegates choose to skip some steps and complete it faster). The tutorial is designed to be completed independently, so having a room full of computers people can come and go as they please. They each have a copy of the tutorial notes and go through them at their own pace. When they have problems I assist them as well as providing short talks on aspects of SE Linux that seem to be of interest and writing notes on aspects of the tutorial that cause confusion.

Russell Coker

Russell Coker is employed by Red Hat to work on NSA Security Enhanced Linux. He has been working continuously on SE Linux since 2001. Prior to joining Red Hat he mostly worked as a Unix administrator at ISPs.