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Massive Virtualization on IBM Power5 System


The authors built a system with 80 concurrent Linux images running on a single 8-way system. There are a number of interesting issues, including how the system was configured, and tricks for simplifying administration. You certainly don't want to run through the installer 80 times. This paper will discuss how a massively virtualized system was built, and lessons learned along the way. Focus is not just on getting it to boot, but how to manage it once its there (think upgrades, backups, security, etc.)

Dave Boutcher

Dave Boutcher is a Senior Technical Staff Member with the IBM Linux Technology Center. He works on Linux virtualization technology for IBM POWER processors.

In the past, he has developed file systems, SAMBA-equivalent clients, and networking protocol code, including X.25 and ISDN.

Santiago Leon

- B.S. Computer Engineering, Virginia Tech 2000 - M.S. Computer Engineering, Virginia Tech 2001 - Performance analysis and Architecture of Embedded PowerPC processors IBM Microelectronics 2001-2003. - Power Linux Development 2003-present. - Maintainer of the POWER5 Virtual I/O drivers for Linux.