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How to recognize ugly graphics, and what you can do about them. A tutorial on cairo.


This tutorial is your chance to have some fun writing code to draw pretty pictures. The cairo library was designed to be easy to learn, so no prior graphics experience is necessary. We will start from fundamentals, (paths, strokes, and fills), and quickly move to more interesting aspects (transformations, masks, and gradients). Participants can follow along in C, python, or nickle. (Getting things to work in one of severl other languages for which cairo bindings exist should also be possible for a participant willing to do a bit more work.) The tutorial material will cover the cairo 1.0 API which was released in August 2005. Everyone should leave the tutorial understanding that high-quality graphics do not have to be hard, so there is no need to put up with ugly output from free software anymore. More information on cairo is available from [This tutorial is an updated version of a tutorial presented at Linux Symposium 2005.]

Carl Worth

Carl is the maintainer and primary author of the cairo graphics library. He works for Red Hat doing desktop-related development. He also has experience with embedded Linux systems. Carl has MS/BS degress in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Brigham Young University.