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GIT/Cogito Tutorial - Usage, migrating from CVS and Arch


It will be a usage tutorial covering - Initial setup for standalone usage - Setup for different team-models - Per developer/integrator repositories - Shared team repositories - Usage scenarios for a team project - Importing or tracking a GIT project - Importing or tracking a CVS project - Importing or tracking an Arch project - Using gitk and gitweb

Martin Langhoff

With several years of involvement in e-learning and e-govt projects in the NZ/AU space. Designing, planning and coding in projects with a focus on open source tools , e-learning, dublin core metadata, etc. Martin is a contributor/developer to several open source projects. Heavily involved in the Moodle and Debian projects, and maintainer of the Moodle "stable" release.

Sam Vilain

Perl / Systems geek, working for Catalyst IT Ltd.

Coauthor: Petr Baudis not in Database