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Hacking the Squeezebox: Customising an open source networked music player


Squeezebox is a networked music player powered by GPLed SlimServer software. SlimServer allows users to easily extend the player's capabilities by creating plugins. By using voice synthesis software, such as Festival, we can add features such as converting IRC text to voice, allowing you to have IRC messages read out by the Squeezebox when you are away from your PC. IRC message -> Festival or other voice synthesis software -> mp3 or ogg encoding -> SlimServer -> Squeezebox Text to voice synthesis also allows us to add a variety of other interesting features to Squeezebox. This, in turn, leads to the ability to add accessiblity functionality by way of using the same technology to read out the menu systems to users who may (for example) be visually challenged. We plan to describe the process of designing and building the plugins and modules required for the aforementioned features, among others. This description will incorporate a brief overview of the SlimServer plugin API and the voice synthesis software of choice (probably Festival). We'll describe our experiences with finding and utilising existing useful bits of code, writing our own bits of code, and putting it all together. We will demonstrate the results of our development project. This is a work in progress, but will be complete at the time of demonstration.

Stephane Miller

stephane is a Unix system administrator with degrees in Film and Media Studies and Information Technology. She likes kittens, sunsets, and pie.

Kelly Daly

Open source software developer working for IBM Ozlabs. Previously worked as a lecturer for RMIT teaching post graduate level programming subjects. Have two degrees (almost!!) focussing on IT and usability engineering. Likes monsters, cartoons, cooking and generally strange shtuff...