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Linux and ACPI - a brave new world of power management


A decreasing proportion of available hardware supports the traditional APM power management scheme. Instead, vendors are moving to ACPI. Rather than putting power management under the control of the hardware, ACPI moves policy to the operating system. This provides a great deal of extra flexibility, but also makes implementation a great deal more awkward. This talk will present the current state of Linux support for ACPI, along with a set of tips and tricks for actually getting your laptop to successfully suspend and resume. It will also look at future developments, including the integration of ACPI into the Linux desktop in order to provide them with extra contextual information. This paper will be an extension of one presented at the UKUUG 2005 Linux technical conference and described by as "One of the most entertaining talks of the day". It will feature extra coverage of new features that are currently being worked on in the kernel and which will improve hardware support. In addition to giving talks at GUADEC (, FISL (, Debconf ( and UKUUG ( the author is head of the Ubuntu laptop team and active in the acpi-devel development list ( He was also responsible for the technical side of the porting of Ubuntu to HP laptops ( and am currently heavily active in ensuring that laptop users obtain a good user experience without requiring manual configuration,

Matthew Garrett

Having been (at various stages) a sysadmin, coder, unemployed layabout, international jetsetter and medical student, Matthew Garrett is now working towards a PhD in bioinformatics. He is quite happy to fix your laptop, and would prefer you not to mention fruitflies in his presence.