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From CVS to Subversion to SVK, and SVL


CVS' quirks are certainly "well explored" by programmers worldwide. However, version control systems are evolving to transcend the boundaries and include the best features of CVS. In the Subversion world, each evolutionary step layers itself atop each other naturally from SVN to SVK to SVL, and this is the focus of this tutorial. The first half of the talk will be HOWTO get started, while the second half will be dedicated to getting hands-on experience sharing patches and merging using the Bonjour-based SVL (serverless SVK) on a project or set of projects determined by the participants. The target audience includes people with some experience of CVS who have been putting off learning another system because there are so many new systems to choose from, people who already switched to Subversion and thought "hey, what was the big deal?" but are still wondering what all that "Changeset" malarkey is about, people who already have experience with SVK but just want to experience a group hack, and experienced group hackers who just love group hacking. If you plan on using your own laptop for the hack, please endeavour to have installed recent SVK beforehand (or at least the Subversion SWIG bindings) - this is not a compiling tutorial!

Sam Vilain

Perl / Systems geek, working for Catalyst IT Ltd.

Martin Langhoff

With several years of involvement in e-learning and e-govt projects in the NZ/AU space. Designing, planning and coding in projects with a focus on open source tools , e-learning, dublin core metadata, etc. Martin is a contributor/developer to several open source projects. Heavily involved in the Moodle and Debian projects, and maintainer of the Moodle "stable" release.