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Introduction to GUI Programming with Qt4


This tutorial will be a hands-on introduction to Qt, the cross-platform application framework from Trolltech ( that is the core of KDE and thousands of GUI applications, both Free Software and proprietary. The audience will follow along on their laptops using the latest version of Qt under the GPL ( We will start with "Hello, World!" and advance step-by-step to a non-trivial application with sophisticated functionality including database access, rich text, graphics, threads and help. The audience will learn the basics of Qt, its memory management (ownership) model, signals and slots, Qt Designer (a visual tool for creating windows, widgets, and dialogs), Qt Assistant (online help and more), and Qt Linguist (for localization), with discussion of style, design, and debugging along the way. Participants will walk away with a reasonable starting knowledge of Qt, the ability to quickly build GUI applications on Linux, a working application they created themselves, a GPL installation of Qt (of course), and digital copies of the slides and supplementary material.

Ian Walters

The Presenter, Ian Walters, is a senior software engineer who has been working with Open Source Software since 1997.

He was involved in putting GNU/Linux on the iPAQ PDA in the handhelds project with Compaq and has been working on Qtopia - Trolltech's Qt based embedded device gui environment - since 2001.

Ian is the principle designer of Qtopia's PIM architecture and has programmed professionally with Qt from version 2.3 to 4.1.