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BiGbounce, An Open Source Platform for EME Communications


Last year, my talk "Bouncing Off the Moon" introduced the concept of Earth-Moon-Earth (or "Moonbounce") communications, and discussed my plans for and early progress towards building a suitable station for EME. And my popular GNU Radio talk introduced the concepts behind software defined radio. This presentation introduces the Open Source software platform that I am building for my EME station, including antenna pointing, signal processing in a fully software defined radio environment, and contact logging. This talk will explore the BiGbounce hardware and software architecture, the existing software components like GNU Radio and Predict that it uses, and the bits and pieces I've had to code to make it all work. It's crazy, but it's geeky fun, and some of the lessons I've learned are broadly applicable...

Bdale Garbee

Bdale serves as HP Open Source & Linux CTO. His background includes many years on both UNIX internals and embedded systems. He helped jump-start ports of Debian GNU/Linux to 5 architectures other than i386, and has served as Debian Project Leader. Bdale is also well-known as KB0G in the amateur radio hobby, where he tinkers on everything from software defined radio to building amateur satellites.