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SBLIM: creating a set of providers from scratch


The SBLIM (Standards Based Linux Instrumentation for Manageability) is an open source project whose objectives are to ease the administration of GNU/Linux systems. The main idea is to provide a basis to allow GNU/Linux to be managed by means of WBEM (Web Based Enterprise Management). This basis is composed of a collection of programming interfaces, providers, client applications and development tools. WBEM is a set of standards defined by DMTF to unify the management of distributed computer systems. The goals of this tutorial is to provide the audience with a "build it from scratch" session using a very simple system management task as example (probably ntp). The session includes implementing live the following steps: * Designing the CIM data model for this example * Coding the Resource access layer (which actually accesses the data) * Coding the Common Manageability Provider Interface layer (which transforms the raw data from the previous layer to the CIM standards and vice-versa) * Coding the Business Logic layer (which gets CIM data from the cimserver as an http request using xml and stores it in whichever manner the developer needs and vice-versa) * Coding the Presentation Logic Layer (This is the GUI. It gets and sends data from/to the above layer) In order to keep this description clean, please refer to [1] to better understand each of the above layers. The author is one of the developers of the SBLIM project. Note: The author has also submitted a seminar proposal on SBLIM (SBLIM: Standards Based Linux Instrumentation for Manageability). Please, also refer to it when analyzing this tutorial proposal. References: [1] Links: - SBLIM: - WBEM: - CIM standards:

Rodrigo Ceron Ferreira de Castro

Rodrigo Ceron was born in São Paulo, Brazil. He studied computer engineering in the State University of Campinas where he also participated in digital speech synthesis researches. He got the ``Instituto de Engenharia'' (Engineering Institute) prize and CREA-SP (Engineering Council) Certification of Honor to the Merit when he graduated. The author has been a free software lover since 2000 and has contributed to open source projects during his free time. He works at IBM Linux Technology Center since 2004.