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You're almost at the registration scripts. This index should guide you to what you are after and give you some help. If you get stuck, then please contact the organisers (

What to do from here:


Registration is easy! Start with the registration form. Fill out all of the fields and then submit the form. You can then VERIFY what you have entered, and CONFIRM it again! At this point, you will be issued a customer number. Your details and a Tax Invoice will be emailed to you.

At this point your details have been received, but you haven't paid. You will be sent to the first page of payments option: you can choose to pay by credit card immediately (hint: yes, do this), you can come back later to pay by credit card, or you can pay by money order in Australian dollars, an Australian personal cheque or a bank draft from any Australian bank in Australian dollars. Details on other payment options are on your registration confirmation email.

We can accept payment from VISA, MasterCard, Bankcard, and American Express credit cards.

At no time do your credit card details come to us (Linux Australia, Inc. or the conference organisers). They are only ever given to our credit card processing facility, CommSecure. So you don't have to trust us with any of that data (you will see that the URL will change to their server during that phase of the transaction).

You can also optionally select (free) Linux Australia, Inc membership on the registration form.

Important note

You are responsible for your own travel, and in particular for obtaining a visa or travel authority that may be required to enter Australia from some countries.

Details, details...

Registration Levels

There are several registration levels offered. The levels, benefits and prices are as follows:

  Professional Hobbyist Concession
Price (full/earlybird) $690 / $460 $300 / $200 $100 / $100
MiniConfs YES! YES! YES!
Main Conference YES! YES! YES!
Conference Bag YES! YES! YES!
Conference Dinner Included! $60 extra $60 extra
Networking Session YES!        
Extra Goodies YES!        
Acknowledgement in Conference Handbook and CD-ROM YES!
(if registered and paid before 15/Feb/2005)

All prices include the 10% Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Just to make it plain and clear:


Any attendees making use of the concession registration level will be required to present a full-time student id, seniors card or health care card to the registration desk that is valid at the time of the conference. Failing to present id means you won't get registered unless you pay the gap to bring you up to hobbyist level.


If you are paying for yourself to attend the conference, feel free to come as a hobbyist.


If your company is paying for you to attend the conference, you should register as a professional.

Earlybird registrations

Professional and Hobbyist registrations paid before the 1st of February 2005 will receive an earlybird discount - prices are as follows:

Registration TypeDiscountEarlybird price
Professional $230.00 $460.00
Hobbyist $100.00 $200.00


If you are attending the main conference, then during the registration process you will be asked for your T-Shirt size; the dimensions are approximately as follows:

T-Shirt sizes
NameChest Measurement
(half chest)
Extra Large61.0cm
XX Large63.5cm
XXX Large66.0cm

Cancellation Policy

Following is the cancellation policy for LCA 2005:
Date Percentage Refunded
Before 1-Feb-2005 100% (Full Refund)
Before 1-Apr-2005 50% (Half Refund)
On or after 1-Apr-2005 0% (No Refund; see below)

You may substitute another person however you must contact us with this person's details. If you do not contact us with the person's details before February 15, 2005 we cannot provide any personalised items except for the person's name badge.

Open Source & Government Co-Conference

The Open Source in Government Co-Conference will run again over the 18th and 19th of April 2005 at the same venue as Those who have registered for and are keen to attend will receive a discount on the Open Source in Government Conference registration - please keep your receipt from 2005 registration in order to obtain this discount.

Anything else

If you get stuck, or have questions, then you can email the organisers ( If you just want to keep up with current events, you can subscribe to the low-volume LCA announcement mailing list

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