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The impact of the WorldForge ( project on the open source community and its potential future influence will be explored in this seminar. An open source MMORPG project, WorldForge is the oldest, being around since 1997, and biggest, involving over 100 participants.

The project has been a key leader in the open source gaming community. Helping, developing and sponsoring key components required for, not only MMORPG, but any games. It is a silver sponsor of the Blender foundation, Blender ( is the only open source 3d modeller that is a key component in any modern games. Another key development of WorldForge, is the now independent, highly successful Cal3d ( skeletal based character animation library, allowing much more realistic animation.

The seminar will include a short live demonstration of the current WorldForge technologies. WorldForge has made significant progress on their next milestone game, Mason, allowing for much more visual and impressive demonstrations. The first release was shortly after the German LinuxTag Linux Expo 2004 and it is steadily improving to even more impressive results.

In the same way that the Mozilla project has proved that open source can compete with other browsers, WorldForge is set to demonstrate that open source can compete with and significantly improve other large multiplayer games. WorldForge is proving that the "final frontier" for open source, that of computer games, can be conquered.

By the end of the presentation the audience should have gained:

Timothy Robert Ansell

Tim Ansell, who uses the handle Mithro, has been a participant of the Open Embedded project, an open source project, since its inception. He currently maintains three packages in the project including python-pygame, ScummVM and a few multimedia packages. As a third year student at the University of Adelaide, Tim is combining study of Engineering (Information Technology and Telecommunications) with Cognitive Science in Philosophy. His studies have furthered his interest in Artificial Intelligence and large networking applications. Tim has worked professionally with Linux for the past 4 years. His roles have included system administration in both large and small-scale environments and coding in both lead and member positions. Committed to open source, Tim is also currently involved with other open source projects. These include: the Thousand Parsec ( project, where he is the project leader; the WorldForge ( project and community; and he also participates in the pygame ( community. Tim ran a FIXIT session on the topic of “Linux Hand Held Devices” which came in third in the competition at the Linux Conference in Adelaide in 2004.


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