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Linux Australia
Linux Australia

Linux and Open Source in Government

The challenges
Adelaide, 12–13 January 2004

Call For Papers

Linux.conf.au is proud to announce the first annual Australian conference on Linux and Open Source in Government.  Sponsored by Oracle and organised as a miniconference of the Linux.conf.au in cooperation with Linux Australia and AUUG, the conference will be held in Adelaide, South Australia, on 12 and 13 January 2004.  Titled “The Challenges,” this conference will focus on best practices, raise awareness and share experiences amongst Policy Makers and IT officials.  Participants will come from Government and public departments, the academic sectors, and local, national and international organizations.

The Programme Committee invites proposals for papers for this conference.  Suggested topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Demonstrations of Open Source Projects
  • The Role of Open Source in Government
  • State / Local Government using Open Source
  • Citizen-Centric eGovernment
  • IT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture
  • Open Source Licenses and other Legal Issues
  • Business Cases: Total Cost of Ownership
  • Contemporary Security Issues
  • Open Source and the Critical Information Infrastructure
  • Open Source in the Military
  • Open Source in Health Care and Bioinformatics
  • Open Source Empowering People with Disabilities

Presentations may be given as technical papers or management studies.  Technical papers are designed for those who need in-depth knowledge, whereas management studies present case studies of real-life experiences in the conference's fields of interest.

Submission Guidelines

Those proposing to submit papers should submit an abstract (between page and 2 pages), and a brief biography including:

  • Full name (and preferred handle, if any)
  • Email address
  • Author's affiliation with commercial or relevant organisations
  • Postal address
  • Telephone and fax numbers, with area and country codes
  • Short biography, in around 1–3 paragraphs.

If travel and accommodation assistance will be required, please list your closest international air terminal.

Abstracts and biographies should be submitted as plain text.  Final presentations should be in the format of a 30–40 minute talk with 5–15 minutes for questions (a total of 45 minutes.)  A written paper, for inclusion in the conference proceedings, must accompany all presentations.  An electronic copy of your written paper, in an open format, is preferred over a paper copy.  We discourage the use of proprietary formats.  Conference proceedings will be produced on A4-sized paper, and you should format your written paper accordingly.

Any papers that are accompanied by non-disclosure agreement forms will be rejected.  All successful papers must be eligible for republication on-line and on distribution media given to conference attendees.  Linux.Conf.Au requires non-exclusive publication rights to accepted papers, including the publication of the audio proceedings as well as publication and reproduction rights to any video filmed during the presentations.  Copyright ownership is retained by the author.  You may be asked to sign an agreement to these conditions upon arrival at the conference.

Late submissions place an undue burden on our formatting team.  In the event that you miss one of the deadlines we reserve the right to revoke any offer to present your paper.

At the submission stage only an abstract is required.

Panel sessions will also be timetabled in the conference and speakers should indicate their willingness to participate, and may like to suggest panel topics.

Speaker Incentive

Presenters of papers are afforded complimentary registration to this mini-conference.

Important Dates

Deadline for abstracts/proposals 31 October 2003
Notification of acceptance 14 November 2003
Final submissions due 12 December 2003
Conference 12–13 January 2004

Associated Technical Conference

The conference will take place within the framework of Linux.conf.au, a major technical conference for open source developers, held in the same precinct on subsequent days, January 14–16.  Linux.conf.au is for Linux, BSD and other related tools of the open source trade.  Registrants for linux.conf.au receive complimentary entry to Linux and Open Source in Government and all other miniconfs being held in the same week.

How to Submit

Proposals should be sent in electronic form to the Programme Committee

Please refer to either of the AUUG or linux.conf.au websites for further information and up-to-date details:


Platinum Sponsor

IBM is Penguin sponsor of linux.conf.au 2004.