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LCA 2004 started at Wed Jan 14 08:00:00 2004.

Conference News

February 10.   Linux.Conf.Au 2005...   Posted by michaeld
Did we mention that Linux.Conf.Au 2005 is going to be in Canberra between April 18-23, 2005?

Book that leave, save them pennies, come to LCA2005!

January 18.   Hackfest Winner Announced!   Posted by michaeld
The IBM HackFest prize winner, for a Tetribot named "beth", is Geoffrey Bennett.

His prize is an IBM pSeries deskside server model p615 with Dual 1.45GHz Power4+ CPUs, 4GBRAM, 2x146.8GB Ultra 3 SCSI 10,000 RPM Hard Disks, DVD ROM drive, 21" Colour CRT Monitor. SuSE Linux Enterprise server 8.2. with a retail value of over AU$39,000.

Wow! Congratulations Geoffrey! And thanks IBM for your generosity!

January 18.   "Best Of" papers announced!   Posted by michaeld
The best paper presentations for the conference can now be announced! They were:

Andrew "tridge" Tridgell with his paper on A tour of my junkcode directory.

Dan Shearer with his paper on Linux and Simulated Systems.

Steve Baker with his paper on The Gstreamer Multimedia Architecture.

Jeremy Malcolm with his paper on Could SCO v IBM Happen to You?

Congratulations speakers on gaining this recognition!

January 18.   HP Work In Progress and FIXIT Winners announced!   Posted by michaeld
The winner of the HP Works In Progress "best presentation" is Duncan Laurie. He'll receive an HP iPAQ, generously donated by HP!

The winning team of the HP FIXIT sessions is Robert Collins (leader), Mark Suter, Gavin Baker, Brian May and Dave Peterson. Each of these winners will receive an HP iPAQ, with Robert also getting a wireless networking card for being the leader.

The first runner up team of the HP FIXIT sessions is Daniel Stone (leader), Thom May, Matt Wilcox, Trent Lloyd, and Gus Lees. Daniel will be receiving an HP iPAQ, with all team members receiving a wireless networking card.

The second runner up team of the HP FIXIT sessions is Tim Ansell (leader), Colin Charles and Keith Packard. Tim will be receiving an HP iPAQ, with all team members receiving a wireless networking card.

Many thanks to HP for providing prizes for these conference events to encourage participation!

January 18.   Oracle questionaire winners announced!   Posted by michaeld
The winner of the 3 Oracle hand-held GPS units given away as a raffle are Michael Cohen, Anshul Gupta and Neale Banks.

Linus Torvalds drew these names out of the box full of questionaire forms at the conference close.

Thanks again Oracle - these qre great prizes!

January 17.   Conference all over!   Posted by michaeld
Linux.Conf.Au 2004 has all finished - thanks to sponsors, speakers and conference attendees alike!

Follow our wiki for event follow-ups, photos and reports.

Just FYI, we raised $AUD6280.45 for the Cystic Fibrosis Association by dunking Linus Torvalds and many other speakers and organisers. Thanks to those who got wet!

We also raised a little over $5500 for ITShare (ComputerBank in South Australia) by auctioning off a t-shirt signed by all our speakers.

And finally, we also raffled off an Apple PowerBook signed by Open-source luminaries, raising $2800 to be shared between Reachout and Canteen. Thanks to Apple for this wonderful donation!

See you all next year in Canberra!

January 16.   Sun Microsystems Regional Delegates Programme   Posted by michaeld
Congratulations to Matthew Palmer for taking out the national RDP prize...

Mr Duncan Bennet, Sun Microsystems, and Matthew Palmer, Sun RDP National Winner 2004.

January 15.   Apple charities announced!   Posted by michaeld
The charities that will benefit from the Apple PowerBook raffle are as follows:

These charities will equally share all proceeds raised. Thanks again Apple!

January 15.   LinuxSA LUG on Tuesday night - All invited!   Posted by michaeld
If you're staying in Adelaide this week, and you'd like more Linux, come to our local LUG and hear Matthew Wilcox talk on things PCI bus related :-)

7pm on Tuesday January 20 at 139 Frome Street.

See the LinuxSA web page for more details... See you there!

January 15.   Selling merchandise....   Posted by michaeld
We're selling left over conference merchandise from our conference this year, and we've even got a few bits and pieces left over from last year's conference too. Stop by our registration table to buy that T-shirt for your partner, or a CD of last year's proceedings, or whatever else you can find!

Reasonable prices, just above cost :-)

January 15.   Oracle Professional Delegates Networking Session last night   Posted by michaeld
An enjoyable time was had by all who were in attendeance at the networking session last night. Thanks again to Oracle for putting the event on!
Photo of Oracle speach
Mike Vasileff, Managing Director, Oracle Adelaide

January 15.   More book winners announced!   Posted by michaeld

The following professional registration people have won some great books as door prizes! Thanks Dymocks!

Victor Wodecki has won a copy of Official Samba 3 HOWTO and Reference Guide by John Terpstra.

John Edwards has won a copy of the Unix Network Programming Vol 1 by W. Richard Stevens.

Shannon Elbourne has won a copy of Rapid Application Development in Mozilla by Nigel McFarlane.

Tristan Aston has won a copy of The Art of Unix Programming by Eric S. Raymond.

Catalin Lichi has won a copy of Rapid Application Development in Mozilla by Nigel McFarlane.

Grant Lauritsen has won a copy of Official Samba 3 HOWTO and Reference Guide by John Terpstra.

Darren Thompson has won a copy of Rapid Application Development in Mozillaby Nigel McFarlane.

Milton Yates has won a copy of Official Samba 3 HOWTO and Reference Guide by John Terpstra.

January 14.   wiki wiki wiki...   Posted by michaeld
Just a reminder, feel free to document your LCA experience at

January 13.   Extra LPI exam today!   Posted by michaeld
Conference is going swimmingly, and LPI exams also!

Just to help those who have some spare time, there will be an extra LPI exam session today (Tuesday) at 3pm in the LPI Exam Room.

Just turn up!

January 10.   Registrations zoom past 500!   Posted by michaeld
Registrations continue strongly, especially with recent media reports, and we can now report that we've exceeded 500 conference attendees! (that's about 25% growth on last year :)

Be quick, everything is selling out quickly, no guarantees about conference merchandise availability anymore.

See you all on Monday :-)

January 6.   Imagine you at Linux.Conf.Au 2004   Posted by michaeld
Can you imagine yourself like this?

...then register!

January 6.   The First LCA Audio Jam Session   Posted by lloy0076
Bring your music, your instruments and your laptop, just yourself or some combination of the previous to join in the first ever LCA 2004 Audio jam session.

Led by Conrad Parker (with able assistance from Ryan Verner of FIXIT fame) the idea is to get a whole bunch of open source musicians to play music, network with each other and basically have a good time.

It's happening this Monday evening, starting at 1700 at The Old Queens Arms, 88 Wright Street; The Queens Arms kitchen will be open from 1800 to 2030. You'll find a map here.

Everyone attending the conference is invited!

January 6.   HackFest prize announced!   Posted by michaeld
I don't need to say much, just read...

"IBM pSeries deskside server model p615 with Dual 1.45GHz Power4+ CPUs, 4GBRAM, 2x146.8GB Ultra 3 SCSI 10,000 RPM Hard Disks, DVD ROM drive, 21" Colour CRT Monitor. SuSE Linux Enterprise server 8.2. Retail of over AU$39,000."

Don't hesitate, register for the conference, and start writing your HackFest entry. You want this machine...

Wow! Thanks IBM!

January 6.   Books! Books! Books!   Posted by michaeld
Just to let you all know, there's been some claiming of the book door prizes from Dymocks:

Chris Samuel has won a copy of Official Samba 3 HOWTO and Reference Guide by John Terpstra.

Stuart Guthrie has won a copy of the Unix Network Programming Vol 1 by W. Richard Stevens.

Carlo Martiniello has won a copy of Rapid Application Development in Mozilla by Nigel McFarlane.

David Murtagh has won a copy of The Art of Unix Programming by Eric S. Raymond.

Congratulations all - and there's more book winners to be announced (just need some people to pay for their registrations. Hint Hint :-)

So why order from an online bookseller and wait for delivery? - register as a Professional attendee for Linux.Conf.Au 2004 and you might just win the book you want and get it hand delivered next week! :-)

January 5.   Miniconfs start one week from today...   Posted by michaeld
That's right - less than one week to go before the miniconfs begin! Over 12 months planning is about to come to fruition! Woohoo!

You know, it's still not too late to secure your spot :-)

December 30.   Internode and wireless access for conference attendees!   Posted by michaeld
Internode, one of Australia's leading ISPs and long term supporter of open-source software, will be delivering wireless coverage for the conference venue, and providing conference attendees with access to Citilan off-campus - free of charge for the duration of the conference.

Specific details on configuration will appear in the conference handbook in your conference bag.

Thank you Internode for guaranteeing connectivity wherever the laptop-carrying conference attendee might venture!

December 24.   All I want for Christmas...   Posted by michaeld
Can't decide what you want for Christmas? Your loved ones won't shell out for that digital SLR camera or that plasma TV? Have you considered asking for a Linux.Conf.Au 2004 registration?

It could be the best Christmas present ever - especially if you enter the Hackfest and win! IBM are providing what can only be described as an amazing prize - the exact details will be announced early next year, but you shouldn't wait any longer, register for the conference, and then for the Hackfest, and start writing code today! You won't regret it!

December 24.   The ACS come on board   Posted by michaeld
The Australian Computer Society (ACS) today joins as a silver sponsor for Linux.Conf.Au 2004.

Welcome on-board ACS!

December 22.   Apple, CyberCafe and DVDs!   Posted by michaeld
Our latest silver sponsor, Apple, are kindly providing a wireless CyberCafe (including a number of PowerBooks for loan), and a Linux.Conf.Au DVD containing conference highlights to be posted out to each attendee after the conference.

Welcome Apple! Thanks for your support...

December 20.   Dymocks door prizes!   Posted by michaeld
In a follow-up to our discounted book deal with Dymocks we've now got some great door prizes for people who register between now and the conference start...

Dymocks has generously provided several copies of:
- Official Samba 3 HOWTO and Reference Guide, John Terpstra
- Unix Network Programming Vol 1, Richard Stevens
- Rapid Application Development in Mozilla, Nigel McFarlane
- Art of Unix Programming, Eric Raymond

A copy of one of these books will be given to every 5th person that registers and pays for a Professional-class registration between now and conference start (until we run out of books :-) So if you haven't done so yet, register now.

December 19.   Hackfest prize now sponsored by IBM!   Posted by michaeld
Our conference major sponsor, IBM, have pleasure in announcing that they will be sponsoring the Hackfest programming contest by providing a wonderful prize for the winner! We can't tell you exactly what the prize is (yet :-), but what we can say is that there is now no reason why you shouldn't be spending every waking moment developing your tetrinet bot! :-)

Thanks IBM for your generosity!

December 19.   Two more surprise speakers announced :-)   Posted by michaeld
The excitment bubbles over even more! HP is continuing to be a fantastic sponsor, this time by bringing out Jeremy Allison and Matthew Wilcox to fill two more surprise speaker slots!

Thanks for agreeing to come guys! and thanks again to HP for your great Linux.Conf.Au support!

December 18.   [OT] Linux kernel 2.6 out today!   Posted by michaeld
Major milestone today - Linux kernel 2.6 released (just shy under 2 years since 2.4 was released) - make sure you're here in Adelaide in January to thank some kernel hackers for their efforts!

December 17.   Jonathan Corbet from LWN now coming!   Posted by michaeld
Due to the extremely generous support of HP, we're glad to announce that Jonathan Corbet, executive editor of LWN, is coming out to Linux.Conf.Au 2004 as a surprise speaker!

As per usual, more details to follow, but we're pretty excited having Jonathan coming. Woohoo!

December 16.   FIXIT prizes announcement   Posted by michaeld
We can now announce that the FIXITs will be having some great prizes for the best contributions. Thanks to HP, we have a selection of iPAQs and PCMCIA wireless networking cards to give away as prizes - so put on those thinking caps, choose something that is broken in the open-source world, propose a solution, (fix it if you have time within the conference) and you might just get rewarded with a great prize!

Updates to our FIXIT webpage detailing all this will be up soon...

December 15. domain is back!   Posted by michaeld
Linux.Conf.Au 2004 has now been delegated the domain!

Woohoo! - just in time for the conference!

December 11.   More details on speaker coaching by IIT Training   Posted by michaeld
IIT Training and Linux.Conf.Au today release further details on how you can gain some tips on becoming a better public speaker!

So whether you're going to be a presenter at LCA2004 or a conference attendee, feel free to read up on what IIT Training are offering, and how to make use of this service - free to all attending Linux.Conf.Au 2004!

December 8.   The Sun Regional Delegate Programme winners announced!   Posted by michaeld
That's right - 9 individuals have been chosen from the Linux and open-source community Australia-wide as the winners of this year's Regional Delegates Programme.

See Sun's press release in our media centre for more details.

The national winner, chosen from this list, will be announced and presented with a fantastic prize at the conference's opening ceremony on Wednesday January 14, 2004.

Congratulations all! See you in Adelaide next month!

December 2.   The Inetd LiveCD Project   Posted by michaeld
We're now releasing some more details on the LiveCD project, being sponsored by Inetd - it's a CD that you'll find inside your conference bag that will contain software that's appropriate to the talks and tutorials you'll be about to go to. Sounds a bit boring?

Well, it's anything but that! Utilising things like User Mode Linux (UML), emulation software and Knoppix, you'll find that you can not only play with the software you're hearing about in real time during the talk, but you can do so without messing up your laptop's configuration as well (with stuff that might even make Mozilla nightly builds look rock solid :-)

This is where you need to go for more details.

It's going to be an amazing additional benefit for conference attendees! Isn't there someone you know who should also be registering for Linux.Conf.Au 2004? :-)

December 1.   Dymocks and 20% discount on book purchases   Posted by michaeld is pleased to announce the immediate availability of a 20% discount for all books ordered from Dymocks Adelaide between now and the end of on Saturday, January 17th 2004. Further details on how you can take up this great offer can be found right here.

November 10.   The Hackfest begins...   Posted by michaeld
We've already provided lots of opportunities for you to learn from our great conference speakers, now here's your chance to see if you've got what it takes, whether you can put all this into practice...

Our Hackfest is going to be a programming contest is about seeing who can write the best bot to play tetrinet. Simple as that :-) See the web page for more details...

If you haven't registered, go do that :-) and then start thinking about how you can take out this contest, and win the prize!

November 10.   Australian Developer announced as official media sponsor!   Posted by michaeld
Australian Developer Magazine has come on board as the official media sponsor for Linux.Conf.Au 2004.

Being very much a cross-platform developer magazine, Australian Developer will help introduce open-source and Linux to the greater software development community in Australia.

Welcome on-board Australian Developer !

November 6.   Conference Maps available   Posted by michaeld
So where are all these conference facilities?

The first few of our conference maps are now available, so you can get an idea of where all the various events will be held. You can find them linked in from our venue information and the conference programme.

And, before you ask, the University of Adelaide map isn't too far away...

November 5.   10 weeks to go today!   Posted by michaeld
Linux.Conf.Au 2004 opens in 10 weeks today!

Have you registered yet?

November 3.   Be coached in speaking at LCA2004   Posted by michaeld
Our latest bonus is for those who'd like to brush up in their speaking skills - join a special Guest Artist as he works through the tricks of the pros, illustrating each point with a real live prop - Dan Shearer. For speakers and potential speakers -- this will help you with audiences from LCA to your local LUG to addressing parliament.

And then next year, come to Linux.Conf.Au as a speaker :-)

October 30. announced!   Posted by michaeld
Bringing more value-add to your Linux.Conf.Au 2004 registration is the latest miniconf addition - - a miniconf targeted at GNOME users, developers and those interested in the Linux desktop. Brought to you by the infectious enthusiasm of Jeff Waugh.

See our miniconf and conference programme webpages for details.

October 21.   New downloadable posters available!   Posted by michaeld
A new set of downloadable posters advertising the conference are now available. So go forth and spread the LCA good cheer! Let others know about the event, and help us make it a success!

October 14.   3 months to go!   Posted by michaeld
Linux.Conf.Au 2004 opens in exactly 3 months from today - that's right, on Wednesday January 14 2004, we'll all be gathered in Elder Hall, overflowing with excitment and open-source energy, as the conference opens.

Take another look at our conference programme, can you afford to miss it?

Now is the time to register - secure your spot today!

October 10.   HP partnership with LCA2004!   Posted by michaeld
HP has been a great contributor to Linux.Conf.Au - supplying fantastic speakers both in previous years, and now this year as well. We've now formalised this relationship, and we're pretty excited to announce that HP is our special Gold sponsor for LCA2004.

What this means is they'll be bringing out some great speakers in January, not to mention some surprises that are still under wraps - but don't worry, they'll be announced soon! Watch this space...

Thanks HP for your support, both in previous years and again this year!

October 9.   Third Conference Arrival!   Posted by michaeld
[OT] The third baby amongst the LCA2004 organising team arrived today. Woohoo!

That's all folks! We're not expecting any more... :-)

October 8.   The Sun RDP opens...   Posted by michaeld
The Sun Regional Delegates Programme (RDP) is now officially open - a representative LUG in each state will be managing the RDP in their state. See our RDP web page for links.

Get your case together, because the grand prize is going to be worth it!

October 7.   Preliminary Conference Programme available!   Posted by michaeld
At last, our pride and joy, the list of speakers and a preliminary conference programme are ready for public consumption! Whew!

Everything you wanted to know about who is speaking, what they are speaking about, and when and where they'll be presenting is now available.

If you haven't registered, now is the time to secure your spot.

Fine print: This programme is still preliminary. All speakers have confirmed their availability, but late substitutions may occur due to circumstances beyond our control. Scheduling of conference events may change between now and the start of the conference.

October 5.   New sponsor - Inetd - as the "Live CD" sponsor.   Posted by michaeld
Linux.Conf.Au 2004 welcomes Inetd on-board as the "Live CD" sponsor. What this means is that in your conference bag you'll find a freshly burnt CD with lots of cool stuff relevant to the tutorials and papers you're about to hear. The content will be developed in conjunction with speakers, with Inetd and doing all the hard work.

Welcome on-board Inetd!

October 2.   OLS Best Speaker award winner announced!   Posted by Linux Australia
Linux Australia would like to announce that Marc Merlin has been selected as the recipient of "OLS Best Speaker" award for 2004.

This prize entitles Marc to come and present at Linux.Conf.Au 2004, with conference registration, airfares and accommodation costs all covered.

Congratulations Marc!

October 1.   More conference artwork released!   Posted by michaeld
The conference poster for Adelaide is now available for download on our art page in postscript, PDF, and SVG - just in case you couldn't decide what format you'd like. Please download and beautify Adelaide with Phil's artwork!

There will be a separate poster for other Australian states - stay tuned, it's coming soon!

And for those who haven't received one of our LCA2004 postcards, feel free to download one! Again, find it on our art web page.

September 18.   Speex audio encoding returns!   Posted by michaeld
Since the Speex audio encoding of conference events was so successful, we're doing it again this year! A team of code monkeys is busily putting together a solution using computers supplied by Adrenalin Computers and Software. Thanks Adrenalin for your support!

September 15.   Web-page updates...   Posted by michaeld
Just in case we haven't made ourselves clear on our existing web pages, we've added an FAQ page to answer any of those tricky questions. Enjoy!

Just don't expect to see an answer to the Rusty Keynote question! :-)

And just so we can claim that we're ahead of the curve, you can now find both bitmap and vector versions of our conference artwork on our Art page - so don't forget to add web banners and static images to your LUGs web presence - let's advertise this conference to the MAX!

News flash! We've just added information about FIXITs - BOFs with an outcome. Read more here.

September 10.   "About SA" web page added.   Posted by michaeld
We're now giving you reason to extend your stay in South Australia - on our website we've now listed a bunch of things to do either before or after the conference. Most of the places listed are close to where the conference will be held, or are easily accessible by public transport.

September 4.   New Sponsors on-board - Oracle, aarnet and CommSecure   Posted by michaeld
Oracle joins our conference as our Platinum sponsor, are we're pretty excited about that! They will be a general conference sponsor, with naming rights over our Professional Delegates Networking Session; but they will also be the sponsor of the inaugural "Linux and Open-Source in Government" miniconf (known as ocgconf).

Ocgconf will be held on the Monday and Tuesday immediately preceeding LCA2004, and will bring together the open-source community, the government sector, and business, to discuss how open-source can meet the requirements of software in the public sector. Of course, LCA2004 attendees can go to ocgconf free of charge!

And while we're announcing sponsors, Australia's Academic and Research Network (aarnet) is providing IPv4, IPv6 and multicast Internet connectivity for the Linux.Conf.Au 2004 conference and web server. There should be no shortage of bandwidth, and with IPv6 support for conference networking, it should make the IPv6 miniconf even better!

We'd also like to acknowledge CommSecure, our credit card clearing house, for their continued support of Linux.Conf.Au. They're the ones who make paying for LCA2004 easy from both yours and our perspectives! Thanks guys!

The fun just doesn't stop, does it? :-)

September 3.   Help us advertise!   Posted by michaeld
We've put some web banners up on our art webpage which you are free to use on web sites you manage.

Spread the word to near and far, that the Linux and open-source community should come to Linux.Conf.Au 2004 :-)

September 2.   Whoops! International registrations require GST :-(   Posted by michaeld
Sorry to our international friends, but we've just received a ruling that GST is indeed payable for conference registrations. So unfortunately we cannot offer a discount - GST is indeed payable. We will be in contact with anyone from overseas who has already registered, who hasn't paid GST.

We apologise for the mis-information on our website and press release - this has now been fixed.

September 2.   Linux.Conf.Au makes its first press release   Posted by michaeld
Today LCA2004 opens its Media Centre with our first press release, reaffirming IBM's Penguin Sponsorship of the conference, and announcing that registrations are now officially open.

September 1.   Registrations open NOW!   Posted by michaeld
It's September 1, and that means registrations are now officially open! Woohoo!

Last year people were unfortunately turned away as we ran out of seats, so to secure your spot, register early.

But don't make too much noise about it - the press release from IBM, our Penguin Sponsor will be made tomorrow :-)

August 30.   LPI certification opportunity at LCA2004.   Posted by michaeld
In another great value-add, LCA2004 proudly offer LPI certification exams on the Monday and Tuesday preceeding the main conference (overlapping with the miniconfs).

So if you feel that it's time to get a piece of paper indicating your Linux skills, sign up for some LPI exams when you register for LCA2004.

See our LPI web pages for more details...

August 20.   Registration details available   Posted by michaeld
With only 11 days until registrations open, we've released some details on registration levels to whet your appetite.

Remember two things - this conference might just book out, and the more early registrations we get, the better a conference we can put on.

Register early to secure your spot!

August 18.   Call for Papers closes today...   Posted by michaeld
If you're a budding LCA speaker, and haven't submitted an abstract, you'd better get in quick - our CFP closes today. Judging has already started, but if you're quick we might just overlook the lateness of your submission :-)

August 12.   Second Conference Arrival!   Posted by michaeld
[OT] The second baby amongst the LCA2004 organising team arrived today.

That's 2 of 3 down, one more to go! :-)

August 8.   First conference arrival!   Posted by michaeld
[OT] The LCA2004 organising team would like to congratulate one of its own tonight, with the arrival of the first baby of the conference.

But don't worry all, that particular organiser was back on the laptop within the hour, continuing to organise LCA2004! :-)

August 7.   Time to start saying thanks   Posted by michaeld
LCA2004 wants to publicly thank those people who done so much in getting the conference to where it is already, so we've started a  Thanks!  page to acknowldege the efforts of individuals.

August 5.   Speakers page up.   Posted by michaeld
Having trouble keeping up with the plethora of speakers that are coming to Linux.Conf.Au 2004?

We've now made it easier for you with our speakers page now available - with bonus included bios!

August 4.   Sun Microsystems sponsor the Regional Delegates Programme!   Posted by michaeld
Sun Microsystems continue their support of the Australian Open-Source Community by sponsoring the Regional Delegates Programme (RDP) for the second year in a row.

We're pretty excited about the RDP - it's going to be a great way to recognise the efforts of grass-roots open-source in Australia. This year there's going to be a national winner for the best contributor Australia-wide - with a pretty amazing prize!

Watch your local LUG mailing-list for details on how to enter...

Thanks Sun - greatly appreciated!

July 20.   Two more speakers come on-board!   Posted by michaeld
Richard Sharpe, team-member of both Samba and Ethereal has agreed to come back to his home state of SA and speak at LCA.

And we can also announce Philip Hazel, author of Exim and the Perl Compatible Regular Expression Library (PCRE) is also coming to Adelaide next January.

Thanks for coming guys!

July 16.   Only 6 months to go...   Posted by michaeld
LCA 2004 starts Wed Jan 14 08:00:00 2004, in 26 weeks, 0 days, 00:00:05.

Only 6 months to go... Not long now... :-)

July 10.   Linux.Conf.Au "Best Speaker Award" to be awarded at OLS!   Posted by Linux Australia
Linux Australia in conjunction with Linux.Conf.Au is proud to announce a best speaker award for the Ottawa Linux Symposium. The recipient of this award will receive free travel and accomodation to Linux.Conf.Au 2004.

Any speaker at the 2003 Ottawa Linux Symposium is eligible for the award. The winner will be determined by the OLS organisers, using feedback from conference attendees.

Stay tuned, OLS is on July 23rd-26th. The winner will be announced here...

July 8.   Amazing conference happenings continue...   Posted by michaeld
Just when you thought the LCA2004 organisers had collapsed from exhaustion, we've released some more conference details for you...

We've updated the CFP pages to help you budding LCA presenters prepare your CFP submission. Don't leave your submission until the last minute.

And not just that, we've released the accommodation options available to you when you come to Adelaide.

But wait, there's more! To cater for the SOs of conference attendees, we're building up an impressive partners' programme to give you more time to do the geeky thing.

More cool stuff to come...

July 1.   Sponsors page up   Posted by michaeld
Linux.Conf.Au loves its sponsors - and now they have their own page so you can see who they are, and so you can say thanks by sending them your business.

June 25.   Registration isn't open yet!   Posted by michaeld
We've been getting a lot of queries about registration - and we're glad you all are so enthusiastic - but we're not yet taking your registration. It won't be long, but you'll just have to hang on a little bit longer - we've got some cool surprises still to be rolled out first...

In the mean time, subscribe to our lca-announce mailing list (details over here) and be one of the first to find out when registrations open!

June 16.   Call for Papers opens today   Posted by michaeld
Ever wanted to join the ranks of Alan, maddog, Ted T'so or Rusty, as someone who's spoken at LCA? Have some cool OSS project you're working on? Have you ever sniffed out a memory leak in an X application? Are you able to whistle at 2400 baud? Able to leap tall core dumps in a single bounds check?

Then it's time to submit a paper so you can present at the next LCA.

Go on, take the red pill.

May 30.   And our Penguin Sponsor for 2004 is....   Posted by michaeld
IBM has been successful in retaining the Penguin Sponsorship for Linux.Conf.Au. Congratulations IBM! This is now the 3rd year running that IBM has supported this event as the main sponsor, and IBM, we just want to let you know, we appreciate your on-going support!

May 12.   tridge and rusty on-board too!   Posted by michaeld
Stalwarts of this conference, tridge and rusty, are coming back again.

The question is, will Rusty give a keynote?

May 8.   apt-get install bdale   Posted by michaeld
Bdale Garbee has just let us know that he's accepted our invitation to come to Linux.Conf.Au 2004. Great to have you coming to Adelaide!
Can this event get any better?

May 6.   Keith Packard joins the fun!   Posted by michaeld
Keith Packard, originator, author of the X Render and RandR extensions to Xfree86, author of Xft/fontconfig and known as the cool font guy, is joining the fun at Linux.Conf.Au 2004.
Welcome on board keithp !

April 29.   maddog decides to come back!   Posted by michaeld
Jon "maddog" Hall, president of Linux International, unofficial grandfather of all things Open Source and Linux, has told us he'd love to come back to Australia and be part of Linux.Conf.Au 2004.
Great to have you maddog!

April 28.   Miniconf web pages up!   Posted by michaeld
The first web pages for the miniconfs are now available.

Linux Audio
After we all fell in love with "Scrubby" in Perth, we're now going to have a Linux Audio Mini-Conference.
See for details.
Thanks Conrad for organising!

After the resounding success of educationaLinux in Perth, we're going to do it again!
See for details.
Thanks David for organising!

Just when you were already overwhelmed with miniconfs, along comes DebConf.
More details at
Thanks Jonathon for organising!

Of course, you can see all miniconf information on this page.

April 14.   Rasmus agrees to come!   Posted by michaeld
Rasmus Lerdorf, PHP guru and LCA work-horse, agrees to do it again, this time in Adelaide.

Thanks for agreeing to come Rasmus!

March 31.   First Speaker announced!   Posted by michaeld
Havoc Pennington, Red Hat employee, GNOME hacker, associated with metacity, Inti, pkg-config, gtk+, pango, atk,, gnomehide, author of "GTK+/Gnome Application Development" etc etc etc has agreed to come to LCA2004! Woohoo!

March 26.   Web Site KickOff!   Posted by michaeld
This website is now officially launched - and not too soon, 42 weeks from today the main conference begins.  It's starting to get exciting!!! :-)

March 10.   The University of Adelaide.   Posted by michaeld
Venue sponsorship has finally been settled, with the university providing "in kind" sponsorship for use of their venues. Thank you UoA!

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