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LCA 2004 started at Wed Jan 14 08:00:00 2004.

Call for Papers

Thank you to everyone who responded to our CFP but we can't accept any more papers at this moment. Please check out the mini-conf web-pages as they may still be able to accept papers. Of course, there's always next year :-).

Linux.Conf.Au is the annual Australian Linux technical conference, and is one of the largest gatherings of users and developers of Free and Open Source Software in the Southern Hemisphere. It is an opportunity for developers and groups to present their ideas amongst peers, and for the Free Software and Open Source communities to gather in general.

The 2004 conference is being held in Adelaide, South Australia at the University of Adelaide, right in the centre of the city on the banks of the river Torrens. More information can be found on the conference website:

Although the majority of conference attendants are developers, papers of more general appeal will also be considered.

People interested in giving presentations have a choice of the following formats:

  • Paper Presentations (45 minutes)
  • Tutorials (3 hours)
  • Work in progress sessions (5 minutes)

Papers on the following topics are encouraged:

  • Linux kernel
  • File systems
  • Databases
  • Programming and scripting languages
  • Networking and communications
  • Productivity, Groupware
  • Multimedia
  • Desktop and windowing systems
  • Games
  • BSD
  • Other 'Open Source' projects

We are open to a broader range of papers as well, even non-Linux based papers (*gasp*!). Submit it to us anyway!

Abstracts are required for paper, tutorial and work in progress presentations. Abstracts should be up to 400 words and be submitted to the Paper Review Committee at the address

Abstracts should contain meta information of:

  • Author's full name (and preferred handle, if any)
  • Author's complete email address
  • Author's affiliation with commercial or relevant organisations
  • Author's postal address
  • Author's telephone and fax numbers, with area and country codes.
  • Author's short biography, in around 1 - 3 paragraphs.
  • Whether travel and accommodation assistance will be required - if so, please list the closest international air terminal.

Abstracts and biographies should be submitted as plain text. The final paper should be submitted in one of the following electronic formats:

  • PDF (A4 paper size)
  • Postscript (A4 paper size)

We encourage you to submit the 'source' for the paper as well (eg. HTML, LaTeX, DocBook, MagicPoint, etc). Any featured software in papers must be available under a licence compatible with the Open Source Definition ( Any papers that are accompanied by non-disclosure agreement forms will be rejected. All successful papers must be eligible for republication on-line and on distribution media given to conference attendees. Linux.Conf.Au requires publication rights to accepted papers, including the publication of the audio proceedings as well as publication and reproduction rights to any video filmed during the presentations. These rights are non-exclusive. Copyright ownership is retained by the author. You may be asked to sign an agreement to these conditions upon arrival at the conference.

In the event that you miss one of the deadlines we reserve the right to revoke any offer to present your paper. We take having the paper for the conference proceedings very seriously and late submissions place an undue burden on our formatting team.

Dates to Remember

  • CFP Opens: Monday June 16, 2003
  • Abstracts Due: Monday August 18, 2003
  • Acceptance Notification by Review Committee: Tuesday September 30, 2003
  • Final Complete Submissions Due: Monday December 8, 2003

Travel and Accommodation Assistance

Some financial assistance is available for speakers' travel and accommodation in cases of need. Please indicate in your abstract submission(s) if this is the case. If your CFP submission doesn't clearly state that you require assistance, the panel will assume that you do not require any. Financial assistance may be withheld if final complete submissions aren't received by the date specified above.

How to Get Your Paper Accepted

If you are wanting to get your paper accepted at Linux.Conf.Au 2004, you'd be advised to read Martin Pool's piece on How to get a conference abstract accepted.
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