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Registrations are CLOSED.

Registration Costs

Standard (Professional) -- AU$550 -- $cheap
The price for anyone who is being sent along by their organisation. This includes the "professional networking" drinks session with speakers, and the conference dinner. Compare this to a single day's Oracle training! Cheep!
Hobbyist -- AU$250 -- $special
This does not include the "professional networking" drinks, nor the conference dinner, but you can still get to the dinner if you add $dinner. This is a special discount on the normal price.
Concession/Student -- $99 -- $wow
The special price stays at the same low, low, price of under one hundred dollars. Just. It hasn't changed in years! We will be asking for proof though, so make sure you bring ID when you show up at the conference. The student price doesn't include the conference dinner, although you can get that for an extra $dinner. (Please note that pensioners and unemployed people will be accepted for the student price. Proof of status is still required.) This is a further discount on the normal price; we want people to be able to attend!
Additional: Conference Dinner -- AU$50 -- $woot
The Conference Dinner is held on one night during the few days the conference is running. It is included for all normal registrants, but hobbyists and students can add on this amount and come along too. It's normally a very nice meal, a dinner talk by a speaker, and other fun.


This is easy: we are using CommSecure to do all our Credit Card transaction processing. CommSecure handle all of the processing -- and you never give us (LCA) your Credit Card details. CommSecure have donated their service to us to help Linux Australia.

Day Passes

Day passes are NOT available (or, they are at the same rates as the full conference). Hey, why would you want a day pass when it is already so $cheap. Just use the same registration process, and turn up when you want!

GST Clarification

Note that GST is not charged on these prices, as Linux Australia is not registered for GST (non-profit organisations are required to register only if their turnover is greater than $100,000).

In practise, this is only an issue for Australian businesses, who would otherwise be able to claim a small GST credit. The Australian Tax Office's Tax Reform website has more details on GST registration.

Visas and Travel information for Australia

International visitors will need to apply for either a visa or an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). An ETA will let you spend up to three months in Australia. For more information see the Australian Government's Electronic Travel Authority website. More information on visas can be found from local offices worldwide, check out the Australian Federal Department of Immigration & Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs.

For more information on Perth and the state of Western Australia, please see

There is but one way to register

Electronically. Here. Everyone goes in the database. With just one scoop of super-white sparkly-sparkly uber clean, it all comes out looking dandy! In you go... and the earlier you register the better we know how much money we'll have to get good speakers in to talk to you.

How to register

There are several steps to this registration process:

  1. Fill in your details on the blank form you are about to see
  2. Read what you have filled in
  3. Press submit
  4. Read the new form filled in with the details you just gave; yes, read it AGAIN and promise me it is correct
  5. Press CONFIRM if it is and go to the next step, or scroll down that page, change your answers as needed and return to step 2
  6. Your details will be saved, you will be emailed confirmation of your details, and your browser will display the payment options
  7. You can pay by one method: credit card. If you don't have a credit card, then there are a further two hidden options: either borrow/steal a credit card (borrow preferred), or contact us. We really want to do this using on-line verification and transfer of funds using credit cards. It's easier for us, and it is very safe (we are doing lots of paranoid checking of details, using crypto, etc, and processing is done by a separate company who do this all the time). If you honestly can not use or borrow a credit card, then we can sort something out (we do not accept children as payment).
  8. When you have finished paying by credit card (which you have done, right, 'cause it helps us) you will be immediately send a GPG signed receipt for the amount we got from you. If you used the hidden options, then you will be sent a GPG signed receipt when we get your money cleared and into our accounts (if it is an Australian personal cheque, then this will be a few days/weeks: no international personal cheques taken EVER EVER EVER - the banks in AU won't take them!)
  9. If you stuff it up, then either my instructions are bad, or we have an error 11 situation (the error is sitting 11 inches in front of the screen). Email lca-organisers for help or ask people on IRC (see the FAQ (DON'T PANIC!).

After you have registered, you can return at any time to either get a copy of your details sent to you that we have, or continue on to pay your debt (if you have not). If we have your details, and you haven't paid us, we will send you an annoyance email every N days (where N is something like 7 or 14) to tell you how you can pay.

If you have requested on-campus accommodation, then we will send an email message to them with some of your details (eg: Name, Telephone, Address, Email, Requested Start Date, Requested End Date, Special Requirements). They will then contact you directly to confirm this, and organise payment for that separately; we're not involved with that other than giving you an easy way to secure accommodation. If you have special accommodation requirements, make sure they are in the Special Requirements field. If you need to have purple lamp shades in your room, then put that in the Special Requirements field. Sure, we'll think your weird, and it may not happen, but... what the heck... you don't ask, you don't get! If you want to stay somewhere else, then that's fine; leave the start and end dates for accommodation blank, and sort it out yourself.

We are using CommSecure for our credit card processing; this means that at no time do we, LCA, actually have your credit card details -- you will be directed to the broker, and we will interact with them to get confirmation of payments. This should increase your confidence -- you don't have to trust us with your credit card details! (But we are trustworthy, honest!)

All of this should be reasonably simple, yet enable you to get the information you want at any time. If you want to *change* your information, then you can email the lca-organisers to ask them to update your fields. If you want to change your EMAIL address, then we want a bit more proof; send in your first-born (or GPG sign your email request message and make sure you are in a good web of trust).

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