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14/January/2003: Accomodation update

If you've booked accomodation at Currie Hall, and sent in your completed booking form but haven't had a response, don't panic; Danni at Currie Hall has your details and is working through them; don't be surprised if some people are in Trinity college next door. If you haven't filled in and sent your booking form (yes, despite having put the fields in the LCA registration form), please do so now. Accomodation booking will also close on Friday 17th at noon. Call Currie Hall if you are really worried: 08 9388 1224, or 08 9273 3203, or email

13/January/2003: Another milestone: 300 people

... so we're giving away another copy of David Diamond and Linus Torvalds' book Just For Fun. And the winner is... Andrew Cowie from New South Wales; since LCA is only 8 days away, your book is sitting here waiting for you to collect it when you get here.

12/January/2003: Speaker change

We're sad to say the Jason Bainbridge will not be presenting at LCA2003, however Dan Shearer will be taking his place! An extra big thank you to Tellurian for giving Dan the time required to complete his paper and attend LCA2003, all with less than 2 weeks notice.

12/January/2003: More deadlines!

As we get closer to T - 0, we need to start wrapping up our online registrations. We're going to close up on Friday the 17th of January around noon WST (+0800), that's 15:00 AEST or 04:00 GMT. There will be some door sales on the first day of the conference (Wednesday 22nd), but you'll have to be early and you may very well miss out on conference bag and T-shirt. Don't delay any longer: register quickly!

11/January/2003: Deadlines!

As time slips through the hourglass, so do the minutes until LCA starts! As with all things, there are deadlines, and our handbook goes to print this week. If you're yet to register/pay for your professional ticket, then you have until Sunday night to sort it or miss out on getting your name and company name in the conference handbook.

On-line registrations are still open, but there is a chance that you may miss out on a conference bag if you register late; hurry up and do it now!

03/January/2003: Starlight and LCA

Linux.Conf.Au is pleased to be able to help the Starlight Children's Foundation wish-granting program! In the spirit of helping others, we've given a registration to one of their program participants.

20/December/2002: Just For Fun, again!

Congratulations to Michael Pick from Queensland who is our second winner of our Just For Fun giveaway! That means we've topped 200 people going to Linux.Conf.Au 2003. Thanks to everyone who has registered so far; if you haven't done so yet, register now! Thanks to Boffins for the books! So, lets crank it up again! One person who registers between numbers 200 and 300 will also get a copy of Just For Fun by Linus Torvalds and David Diamond.

16/December/2002: Sun Regional Delegate Program Winners

It's all done now. A huge thank you to our regional coordinators for the Sun Microsystems Australia Regional Delegate Program. Each state and major territory of Australia had a Linux User Group (LUG) choose one person who will get a trip to LCA in January. Our winners are:

  • ACT: Simon Burton
  • New South Wales: Angus Lees
  • Northern Territory: Gerard Reid
  • Queensland: Eric Faccer
  • South Australia: Ian Loxton
  • Tasmania: Lauchlin Wilkinson
  • Victoria: Grant Diffey
  • Western Australia: Harry McNally

A thank you to everyone who stepped forward and participated here, especially Sun for their financial support. Check out our Media Statement about this.

5 weeks to go until LCA kicks off... have you registered yet?

12/December/2002: Abstracts available

We've updated our speakers page now to link to abstracts for most of the topics our speakers will present. If you'd prefer a plain listing of the topics, check this list of papers out. A more detailed programme is about a week away.

10/December/2002: Pay by AMEX

If you've been waiting for American Express to be available so you can pay for your conference ticket, wait no longer! You can proceed through the registration and use your AMEX card numbers just like Visa, Mastercard or Bankcard. Magic!

28/November/2002: SSL, thanks to Thawte

Big thanks to Thawte for providing us with an SSL certificate. No more warnings in your browser when you register.

27/November/2002: Another mini-conf: IPv6

Take a peek at the IPv6 mini-conf. Yet another mini-event to pad your LCA fun out to 6 days! The mini-conferneces aren't a part of LCA, but more a convenient meeting for interested groups to gather at. Check out also the Linux Games Mini Conf, educationaLinux. and Debian mini-conf. We provide them with a room and thats it. You do need to register, and then turn up early.

20/November/2002: Speakers Announced

After much deliberation, Linux.Conf.Au has announced the list of speakers that will take the stage in January. We'll be getting started on listing the abstracts soon, but for most speakers you can see the title of the presentation they will give on the speakers page. A huge thank you goes to the CFP team who reviewed submissions.

19/November/2002: We have a winner

Congratulations to Chris Quinn at Murdoch University who has won the copy of Just For Fun by Linus Torvalds and David Diamond, thanks to Boffins Bookshop. Chris was one of the first 100 people registered. We thought this was fun, so we're going to do it again; one of the next 100 people (from 101 to 200) registered and paid up are going into the draw again for a copy of Just For Fun as well! Don't hesitate: sign up.

4/November/2002: Organise a BOF

We've added a web forum so you can organise the Birds of a Feather sessions you would like to run or attend. Visit the BOF section, and add your suggestion for BOFs to the Suggestions forum. Put complaints about BOF scheduling in the Scheduling forum. BOFs that are selected will appear in the main BOF forum. Phew, thats complicated! Ahh, have fun!

We've also added a one day mini-conf on Tuesday 21st: the Linux Games Mini Conf.

17/October/2002: Speakers list starts to take shape

Check out the list of speakers we have selected thus far for Linux.Conf.Au 2003. This is a growing list at the moment as the Call For Papers panel finish their selections. Many thanks to Anthony Towns, Rusty Russell, Dr. Chris McDonald, Martin Pool, James Henstridge and Tony Breeds for their work on sorting through the huge number of submissions.

16/October/2002: Sun Microsystems Australia Regional Delegate Program

Here's a damn fine reason to get involved with your local Linux User Group! Sun Microsystems Australia and Linux.Conf.Au introduce the Regional Delegate Program. This gives one person per major state and territory of Australia a complete package including flights + accomodation + professional conference registration, for free. Check out the media statement, and find your state LUG that is responsible on the Regional Delegate Program page. With many thanks to Sun Microsystems Australia for their support.

1/October/2002: Crikey! Registrations are open

We've been promising for a while, but the time has finally come. Registrations are now open for LCA 2003! Follow the trail from the register page, and you can get help if you need it from IRC: check the FAQ. One of the first 100 paid registrants will win a copy of Linus' book Just For Fun, thanks to Boffins Bookshop. Check the media release for more details.

24/September/2002: 2nd Mini-Conf added

We've added our second mini-conference: educationaLinux.

20/September/2002: CFP Update

Due to the huge number of papers that were submitted for consideration via the Call For Papers, 2003 is pleased to welcome Anthony Towns and Martin Pool to the CFP Panel.

19/August/2002: CFP Closed, registrations opening soon

The Call for Papers has ended; we've had well over 120 submissions. The scoring and review process is about to get underway. We're also looking at opening registrations in the next few weeks; we're just working through the last few tweaks.

15/July/2002: LCA Article, CFP Extended

A new news article appeared today on Australian Reseller Network about LCA2003.

Also, the LCA 2003 Call For Papers has been extended! With a huge rush of abstracts submitted as the deadline approached, we decided to give people an extra two weeks to get the submission in! It now closes on August 1st. See the revised Call For Papers.

11/July/2002: 1st Mini-conf confirmed

We've had Jonathan Oxer put his hand up to run the Debian mini-conf at LCA 2003. The mini-confs are where small sub-sections of the community can gather at LCA for the day (or two) prior to LCA and use the empty rooms we have reserved for their own meetings. This adds value to those people who would like to be able to meet and have some time to discuss details or specifics on various projects. Its kind of like an extended BOF! Of course, BOF sessions are still going to occur at LCA 2003. We'd like to hear if there are any other groups that want to run a 'mini-conf' before LCA 2003: email and let us know.

LCA makes no assertion as to what happens at the mini-confs... we just let people use the empty rooms for a period and supply absolutely nothing else! Its just a case of turning up early for the main conference.

7/July/2002: Draft programme

We've put an empty time allocation programme up here just to give you the feel of how we're planning on running things. At the moment it is subject to lots of changes -- based on 'bugs' people find with the schedule! We'll start to fill in details as we lock items in...

25/June/2002: domain

With thanks to the domain administrator, we are now accessible as

21/June/2002: Media Release

In case you missed it, our latest media statement (19 June 2002) gives you a wrap up on the Call for Papers, our sponsors, our accommodation situation, and some of the invited speakers we have organised. Have a read, check the FAQ, and ask questions if you have any!

11/June/2002: HPA confirmed to attend

H. Peter Anvin will be at LCA2003. HPA is the author of SYSLINUX (you've all seen it during an install/upgrade when you boot from CD or floppy), autofs and his own tftpd.

7/May/2002: Call For Papers

The Linux.Conf.Au 2003 organisers are pleased to announce the Call For Papers for the conference has been released. All the details are here.

6/May/2002: Debian Project Leader to Attend

Bdale Garbee, the new Debian Project Leader, will be attending and talking at LCA 2003! There is also talk of a Debian mini-con being run before LCA 2003 similar to what took place in 2002; we're sure more of these mini events will also be organised. Stay tuned...

11/Mar/2002: Call For Papers committee established

We have assembled a panel of experts who will be reviewing submissions and papers when we announce the Call For Papers. These people are:

  • Mr Tony Breeds, PLUG
  • Mr James Henstridge, Gnome Foundation
  • Dr Chris McDonald, UWA
  • Mr Paul 'Rusty' Russell, IBM

These people will be fair and critical of content submissions. You shall not pass... unless you send these people some really interesting abstracts... when the time comes. Stay tuned.

24/Feb/2002: Telsa and Alan are coming

The guests are starting to sign up. CFP isn't out yet, but we're starting to secure interesting people anyway. We're already having Tridge come over, plus Rusty (there's just no keeping Rusty away! Honest!), perhaps Ted T'so, ... everyone!

10/Feb/2002: Confirmed - Perth for 2003

Its official. The Linux community will congregate in Perth in January 2003. The video is available on-line at four diverse mirrors. Choose one that's close to you.

29/Dec/2001: Promotional Video

A video promoting L.C.A. 2003 in Perth has been started. It will be made available on-line sometime in February after LCA 2002.

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