Frequently Asked Questions

And their answers!

I have a question, and it isn't answered on this FAQ. What can I do?

We'd prefer it if you ask us; email and ask away. Otherwise, you can get on the lca-helpers email list and ask there, or possibly try the IRC channel #lca2003 (or #linuxaus if there is no one there) on the OpenProjects IRC network ( or similar servers) and someone may be able to help you. We'll add it to this page if we have a few people ask the same question (hence, a frequently asked question).

Why is this conference called LCA?

This name was chosen when the domain was available. It was supposed to appeal to people since it was a new (and unheard of at the time) domain.

Why can't I see

There were some problems with getting the domain set up. They have been fixed now. Try it.

Where is Perth?

It's on the western coast of Australia. Opposite side to where Sydney is. If you don't know where it is, then you probably will have to fly here to get here.

It seems that Perth is the World's Sig Capital.

Wasn't this in Brisbane last year?

Yes, it sure was. And the year before that it was in Sydney. This is a roaming conference, organised by different regional Linux User Groups from year to year. That way everyone in the country gets to go, and no one group is disadvantaged into always having to travel!

Can I give a talk?

You will have to submit an abstract, following the rules in the Call for Papers. You should be a good presenter and have excellent techincal abilities; this is a technical conference. People are paying to hear what you have to say; if you don't think you are up to it, perhaps you should attend and watch, and submit next year.

Can I help?

Sure, we'd love that! We have a mailing list where we discuss whats going on. The best thing you can do is tell people about the conference. Add a line to the end of your signature (in your emails) to say something like " 2003:" or similar. Encourage people whom you would like to hear talk to submit an abstract in the Call for Papers.

Do you have a mailing list?

Yes! We have two. One is an announcement list, moderated, and very low volume. The other is our helpers list, which is for general discussion. You can sign up to either at any time, and you can get off them easily too.

The web page for the announce list is:

The web page for the helpers list is:

Who is organising this?

There is a core group of volunteer organisers who are doing the running around getting things into shape:

  • Tony Breeds-Taurima, Co-Chair LCA, PLUG
  • James Bromberger, Co-Chair LCA, PLUG
  • Mark Tearle, Treasurer LCA, UCC
  • Bernard Blackham, Secretary LCA, PLUG
  • James Henstridge, Gnome
  • Nick Bannon, PLUG
  • James Andrewortha, UCC
  • Anand Kumria, Treasurer, Linux Australia

In addition, there are people from the lca-helpers mailing list who are taking on jobs from the core organisers.

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