WARNING: Penguins Gathering 2003 is Australia's national Linux conference; it will be held at The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia, from Wednesday 22nd to Saturday 25th January 2003. This is the fourth conference of its kind in Australia (following L.C.A. 2002 in Brisbane, 2001 in Sydney, and CALU 1999 in Melbourne).

It's all over now! Good luck Adelaide.

Latest News

08/Apr/2003: Conference Proceedings, Recordings

It's finally here: the conference CD! It contains the submitted papers, biographies of who the speakers were, and audio recordings of all the presentations (in Ogg/Speex format, a Free, effecient voice codec - source to decode is also on the CD). It is 535 MB, checksum 3896d7e338ea8bdff55fd5a6b364ffe3. This has been sent to our CD manufacturer, and they will be POSTED to those who attended in a week or two; you don't have to rush to get this now!

Key: if the link says "file", you can save the link target. If it says "dir list", then please follow the link. If it says "contents", then you can browse the contents of the CD without downloading the whole thing.

Kudos to Bernard for organising the recording of all sessions (and submitting a patch or two on the Speex encoder), plus those who mastered the ISO image.

This marks the final part of the 2003 conference. This web site will disappear shortly. We'd like to thank everyone who attended, supported, sponsored, advocated, spoke, wrote, reported, publicised, and egged the organisers on. Come back to Linux.Conf.Au 2004 in Adelaide!

08/February/2003: LCA domain gone, ISOs coming

As is traditional with the domain, we have expired! Curent policy means that these domains are only valid for the life of the conference, and then must disappear. Don't panic; we're also at, and the other domain will return for LCA 2004 in a few months.

Work is progressing on the ISO images for the 2003 conference CD: hopefully available from here some time in March.

26/January/2003: It's all over now, go home!

The whirlwind of activities that is is now over for another year! Many thanks to all who participated: delegates, speakers, my fellow organisers, friends, families, sponsors, supporters, media contacts, suppliers, etc, for your help in making this event as successful as it was. We would like to also thank Linus, Tove, and the three younger Torvalds for spending a week with us here in Australia.

It has been announced that next year this conference will take place in Adelaide: please watch the Linux Australia site for more information. The domain will disappear shortly, and be back with next year's web site.

The 2003 organisers are now cleaning up and collecting materials for the conference CD-ROM, which will have some of the audio recordings (as many as we can fit, and that are of good enough quality), a selection of pictures, and the submissions from our speakers. This will probably take a couple of weeks, and should be posted to the address you entered when you registered.

Please thank my fellow organisers: co-chair Tony Breeds-Taurima, Mark "Sparky" Tearle, Bernard Blackham, Nick Bannon, Anand Kumria, James Henstridge, James Andrewartha, Mark Gaynor, Davyd Madely, Trent Lloyd, Leon Brooks, Jonathon Oxer. Also, paper submission reviewers Dr Chris MacDonald, Anthony Towns, Martin Pool, and again James Henstridge and Tony Breeds-Taurima. Special thanks also to Danni Wick, John Doyle, UWA AV Unit, UWA Photographic Unit, UWA Security, UWA Venues, UWA Cleaning, and UWA DVC Alan Robson.

For all to use: the registration script sources. A good starting point for making them better; Object Orientated Perl, including CommSecure modules.

Not all penguins can fly, but some can soar. Have fun!

James Bromberger
11pm, Sunday 26th January 2003

24/January/2003: Day three

Linux.Conf.Au 2003 SpeakersHere is a picture of most of the speakers and organisers from LCA2003 (many thanks to UWA Photographic section). A large TIF is available for print in the media section of this site.

Announcements: Rusty will give a keynote tomorrow from 10am in Octagon LT, and Revolution OS (the movie) will probably be shown in one of the Lecture Theatres (after the official close). Don't run away for lunch on Saturday: we have it covered at Physics (where the network room is).

23/January/2003: End of the second day

Who says we don't deliver? If it wasn't good enough seeing Linus waddling in a penguin suit on Wednesday, today we got to hear him as part of the Q&A session. Combined with Bdale Garbee and Andrew Tridgell, these three open source project leaders and legends fielded questions from the audience (in exchange for a Chupa-Chup -- what a deal!).

Think you've missed out? Well, hang on. Get a player for OGG/Speex, and then grab the audio we're sending out early: QA.spx (45+ minutes, 3.4 MB) [ (US), (US)] A huge thank you to Bernard Blackham for his work on scripting up our OGG/Speex logging, the Speex development team, and of course, our unsuspecting guests who got roped into taking questions.

We'll be endeavouring to get the audio on the CD which should be posted out to delegates after the conference organisers get their sanity back. We promise!

Announcements: If you have pictures on-line, send your URLs to organisers. Lost property is in the Network Room (Physics building). BOF notices are on the blackboard in the Network Room. Have fun and talk to everyone at the conference. Friday's forecast: showers early, max 25°C. UV index at 13, dropping to 9. Saturday 27°C, Sunday 31°C. Sunscreen available in the Network Room! Pics by: Anthony Rumble, Leon Brooks, Ozone, Marc Merlin, Geoff Smith, Noel Mistula, James Bromberger.

22/January/2003: Start of Tutorial Day

A scorcher today with temperatures expected to hit 39°C in the shade (was revised to 29° at 11am by BOM). Sunscreen is available from the Network Room in the Physics building. Tomorrow: 28° C, Friday: 26° C.

And yes, Linus is around the place. He's attending like everyone else; please treat him like any other delegate. We are completely sold out having reached our maximum venue capacity for our three streams of presentations.

21/January/2003: Registration Desk Information

Here's the deal with all thats going on with registrations on Wednesday morning. Please gather on the grass (in the shade) in front of the Reid Library at UWA (near the moat!). There will be three rooms for registrations: one is marked for surnames starting with "A-M", a second for "L-Z", and the third room is for anyone who either doesn't understand this, or has a problem of any kind, such as not having paid, not having registered, etc.

For people now wanting to attend, preference will be given to those who have registered and not yet paid; they will be asked to come forward first. Beyond that, there are a limited number of positions available. We just don't have the room for bums on seats!

Today's temperature: 36°C. Sunburn cream available in the network room; help yourself. Global bandwidth available in the colleges for delegates between 5pm and 8am, and in the network room at all times (wireless outside at night). If you have found a mobile phone, please hand it in to organisers (in grey conference shirts).

Media: if you have obtained a media pass (issued two weeks ago), please approach people and ask if you can talk to them. If you do not have a media pass, please contact and email speakers to ask if you may approach them.

20/January/2003: Mini-confs day one

LCA 2003 mini-confs have concluded for the first day, with over a hundred people attending these preliminary events. A webcam has been set up in the Network Access Room so you can see who's about. Use this to find out how much traffic can be used today, and write an interesting display client...

18/January/2003: One more speaker change

We've had to call on Hugh Blemings to talk in place of Dinakar Guniguntal. Thanks to Hugh for stepping in on such sort notice. We have an iCalendar file thanks to James H. if you want to import it into your favourite calendar program.

17/January/2003: Registrations Closed

It's now 5:15pm, and online registrations for Linux.Conf.Au 2003 have closed, well above the expectation of organisers. 359 people are fully registered to attend LCA this year. Huge! If you missed out, then we will be doing some door sales on Wednesday morning during the registration time from 8:00am WST in the Arts Faculty courtyard at UWA. Just look for the signs pointing the way when you get on campus.

People attending mini-confs; same deal; turn up in the Arts faculty and someone will tell you where to go, in the nicest possible manner.

17/January/2003: A little bit more

We're squeezing registrations a little longer... until 5:00pm WST (09:00 am GMT). If you need to cancel for any reason, we can do a refund for you up until the 5pm cut off, after which we can do 50% refund until 8:00am WST on Wednesday 22nd (the first day).

16/January/2003: Oh so full!

Wow, the last minute rush has been huge! We've had to stop taking professional registrations and can't offer any more places at the conference dinner because we have exceeded our capacity! We can take on probably about 100 more hobbyists (however, some will start to miss out on bags and T-Shirts soon -- sorry, we can only guesstimate to start with).

Current weather forecast for the next few days: Saturday 33° C, Sunday 29° C, Monday 32° C. Outlook beyond that is fine and hot, maximum temperature mid to high 30's. Bring: suncream and a hat (we are indoors, but some people burn quickly).

More information over the weekend....

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