linux . conf . au - february 2002

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february 6 - 9
university of qld,
brisbane, australia



Registrations Closed -- Conference This Week!

Fax, postal, and online registrations have now closed. We look forward to seeing everyone who has registered at the conference.

Registrations for attendees who have already sent their details are being processed at the conference itself, at the Hawken Engineering Building at the University of Queensland, St Lucia campus. Please see the travel page for more details.

If you sent a registration form and payment by cheque or money order last week, simply turn up to the registration desk during the conference and explain your situation.

On-the-day registrations can no longer be accepted, due to the overwhelming response.

Registration Costs

A summary of the costs for registration are below.

Student -- $99
Students get the cheap prices. We know how you suffer, the cruel and inhumane tortures you have to endure each semester, and all for bits of paper that don't even have the benefit of being marked "legal tender". We will be asking for proof, though, so make sure you bring ID when you show up at the conference. The student price doesn't include the conference dinner, although you can get that for an extra $50. (Please note that pensioners and unemployed people will be accepted for the student price. Proof of status is still required.)
Individual -- $200
Your boss isn't sending you here. You aren't coming because you're some teenage hippy trying to stick it to the man. You're here for the code. The dinner is still separate, though.
Professional -- $550
You've done the impossible. You're making money from Linux, and now you're here to make sure that you don't get left behind. The professional price includes a networking session of the schmooze variety with the speakers.

All prices include the full conference, and the preceding Debian mini-conference. Extra dinner tickets are available for $50 per person.

GST Clarification

Note that GST is not charged on these prices, as Linux Australia is not registered for GST (non-profit organisations are required to register only if their turnover is greater than $100,000).

In practice, this is only an issue for Australian businesses, who would otherwise be able to claim a small GST credit. The Australian Tax Office's Tax Reform website has more details on GST registration.

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