linux . conf . au - february 2002

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february 6 - 9
university of qld,
brisbane, australia


List of speakers

The following speakers have been accepted, and indicated their willingness to attend the conference and present papers and/or tutorials.

Andrew Tridgell
In January 1992 as a procrastinating student at the Australian National University in Canberra, Tridge released "Server 1.0". In February 2002, he'll stand up in front of us all and take the first step to recovering from ten years of Samba.
Rasmus Lerdorf
Rasmus is travelling from San Francisco and will give a 4-hour-long tutorial giving a complete introduction to PHP, with examples from the full range of acronym soup: SQL, LDAP, XML, XSL/XSLT, SOAP... The list goes on!
Rusty Russell and Anthony Towns
No-one seems to know exactly who these gents are, or how they came to be involved in the conference. I'm sure we'll find out in the fullness of time.
Alan Modra
Alan was bullied by the conference organisers until he agreed to come---or else!
David Axmark
David is a co-founder of MySQL AB. His paper presentation will describe some of the lesser-known features of the latest stable release of MySQL, and give an overview of the new features in the latest alpha release.
Neil Brown
Neil's paper will discuss the changes necessary to the kernel's NFS server to increase authentication flexibility and overcome Linux's current NFS service shortcomings.
Erik de Castro Lopo
Erik will provide an introduction to digital signal processing of audio signals, ranging from a brief introduction to the physics of sound, to the working and implementation of audio effects such as chorus and reverb, using the GNU Octave and other Free Software packages.
Jeff Dike
Jeff's going to be picking up where he left off at the 2001 conference, and further confuse all those of us who thought there was a difference between the kernel and usermode.
John Ferlito
Large networks are a pain to manage; John will show how he uses cfengine and FAI to build and manage hundreds of hosts.
Bdale Garbee
Bdale sacrificed many of the letters from his first name to join us at the conference. He'll be talking about porting Debian GNU/Linux to PA/RISC and ia64.
Carsten "Rasterman" Haitzler
Someone far too disreputable for anyone's good.
Brad Hards
Brad's paper will talk about the past, present and glittery-bright future of Linux USB.
Simon Horman (AKA "Horms")
iproxy allows arbitrary TCP/IP services to run over UDP; Horms will present a 1 hour paper on the problems and solutions realised when trying to carry TCP connections in this manner.
Wayne Piekarski
Wayne presented a paper at las---uh, this year's conference; he'll be giving a followup paper this year, talking about the Tinmith Augmented Reality project.
Allan Rae
LyX is built on LaTeX. But it's also built on Perl, ispell, ghostview, imagemagick, nroff, and more. Allan's paper will show how far one can get by leveraging existing software, as exemplified by LyX, a GUI document processor.
Alfred Reynolds
A busy hour will be filled with Alfred talking about the design and construction of the Parakeet Virtual Cable, an embedded Linux project for the Australian Army, and go on to talk about AdminMod and Open Source Gaming.
Gavin Sherry
PostgreSQL and the Berkeley DB3 databases will be compared and examined in Gavin's tutorial presentation, which will go on to discuss future direction for both projects.
David Woodhouse
JFFS2 (Journalling Flash File System, v2) is a file system designed for use in embedded devices on flash memory. David will explain how it works, how it came to be and where it's going next, and of course why it's so wonderful.
Greg Ungerer
Your faithful webmaster cannot find the correct HTML entity and will instead point out that Greg's presentation will enlighten us all about micro-controller Linux, which allows Linux to run on systems without Memory Management Units.

This list will be updated as the conference draws nearer---check back here for more information!

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Papers Committee

  • Robert Brockway
  • David Leonard
  • Ian Peake
  • Martin Pool
  • Rusty Russell
  • Anthony Towns

Organising Committee

  • Anthony Towns
  • Jason Parker
  • Brad Marshall
  • Raymond Smith
  • Mark Suter
  • Gary Curtis
  • Clinton Roy
  • Anand Kumria
  • Rusty Russell