linux . conf . au - february 2002

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february 4 - 5
university of qld,
brisbane, australia
february 6 - 9
university of qld,
brisbane, australia


Debian GNU/Linux: Australian Mini-Conference 2002

We plan to run a small "mini-conference" for the Debian developers and users who are able to come to 2002 in Brisbane 2002.


The LCA (, national Australian Linux Conference) runs from Wednesday 6th to Saturday 9th February 2002. We propose to have the Debian "mini-conference" on the Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th February 2002, making the fun last all week long!


LCA 2002 is being held at The University of Queensland, in Brisbane. For those not familiar, this is the eastern side, two thirds towards the top of the country (on the coast).

You are encouraged to approch people and discuss any topics. BOF sessions can be organised after 4pm before dinner for those that are interested: if you have a topic you would like to discuss further, organise a small group of people, let me know, and we'll let everyone else know during that day; but remember, there will be more BOF sessions during LCA too.


The following people have agreed to stand before the crowd and talk. These are a selection of developers and others amongst the Debian community that pull the project together.

TimeMonday 4th FebTuesday 5th Feb
9:55 James Bromberger: Welcome  
10am Steve Kowalik: Lintian Russell Coker: Portslave (and perhaps a bit of NSA SE Linux)
11am Jason Andrade: Mirroring Debian Bdale Garbee: Dealing w/i386 bigotry (porting)
12pm Lunch Lunch
1pm Key Signing Anthony Towns: The Upcoming Woody Release
2pm Brendan O'Dea: Perl Games Panel: Woody++ Goals and objectives
4pm+Dinner, pubs, etc.Dinner, pubs, etc.

This schedule is subject to change. We may have more people stand up now, and some may be busy.


  • Lunch is whatever you can find yourself.
  • We're doing this in the venues that LCA will be at -- the engineering lecture theatres at the University of Queensland.
  • Accomodation: try Emmanuel college or Rydges.
  • Dinner is also wherever you can find it, but try and go with people you have met during the day. Hopefuly some of the local DD's can show us around...
  • Talk to as many people as you can. "Hi, I'm <your_name>. Who are you?".
  • I am not sure if we need to do a registration process before hand. It may be worth being at UQ at 9:30 on the Monday, just inc ase we do have to.


It appears that the LCA university venues may be available to us to use. The Emmanual college people should be able to point you in the right direction, and the main LCA web site should give more information in the coming weeks. If you're lost on the day, you can telephone me on 0417 77 22 86.


This is included as part of the LCA registration. Find your own accomodation, meals, and pubs. ;) Unless any expenses are incurred, in which case we'll divide it up.


There is no separate registration required for the Debian conference; merely turn up two days early for the main LCA conference to participate in our gathering.


The Debian project consists of a group of volunteers spread throughout the world, whose aim is to put together a first class free operating system. More information available at the Debian website. There have been two other Debian Conferences in July 2000, and 2001, both held in Bordeaux, France.

James Bromberger (

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