Brilliant Software Engineers- Indoaust Investments, Melbourne

Our dynamic, rapidly evolving company is committed to developing futuristic concepts and systems in the field of next-generation wireless communications. To achieve our goals we require several top-notch software engineers, who won’t be discouraged by the challenges involved in creating a revolutionary new product.

We need engineers willing to stay at the bleeding edge of innovation, through the application of their skills, perpetual learning and hard work. In return, a chance is offered to participate in the creation of a revolutionary product, which may well become the next "big thing" of the IT/Telecoms industry. A competitive salary and performance-based bonus plan will also be provided.

-The core of our system is C and C++ based. It is imperative that applicants possess expert knowledge of these programming languages.

-An intimate acquaintance with advanced data structures and algorithms is absolutely required.

-It's all about data: storage, retrieval, communication. Protocols, synchronization, database engines. Just hit us with everything you know. We'll find use for every bit of your knowledge.

-We think clouds, clusters and distributed services. You must know what it takes to build a distributed software system on a highly parallel hardware platform.

We are not fussy about specific technologies that you may have used in the past. (Although as a requirement for posting this ad to Linux Australia, we need to state that the systems you may well be developing are Linux-based.) Way more important to us is your desire and ability to learn things quickly, and to productively apply the newly-acquired knowledge in your work.

If you feel your skills are underutilized at your present place of work — don't hesitate to apply here:

These are permanent, full-time positions.