Bidding for 2010 Open!

With 2009 in Hobart rapidly approaching, believe it or not but it's time to look at where 2010 will be. It's a lot of work to put on a (just ask anybody who's done it) and it's in common agreement that it takes "more than a year", which is why we're talking about 2010 now.

We don't plan to publicly announce 2010 until the 2009 conference (both to ensure 2009 gets full attention and for added suspense), but when the decision has been reached we will notify the teams.

Here is the bid schedule for 2010:

  • Call for bids: Opened August 1st!
  • Bid document deadline 1: August 29th
  • LA Provides feedback on bid document 1: September 5th
    The purpose of a feedback cycle is to allow the teams to answer any extra questions, polish up the bid documents in any way they see fit, or based on feedback.
  • Final bid documents: September 19th

Shortly after that, we'll notify the teams.

So what's in a bid document?

You certainly should read the LCA HOWTO over at:

Addressing as many points in the HOWTO as possible is a good way to show that you and your team are prepared to host a Asking revious organisers, asking on list, asking the council all can help too.

Happy bidding!